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On the moon found the ancient city and the old UFO base

Ken Johnston and Richard Hoagland said that U.S. astronauts found on the moon the ruins of ancient cities and artifacts that speak of the existence in the distant past of some highly developed civilization.

Why hide information about cities on the moon

The Author – Vitaliy Golubev

There was a time when no one expected that the outer neighbor of Earth scientists may be confused about so many mysteries. Many people imagine the moon as a lifeless, covered with craters stone ball, and on its surface were the ancient cities, mysterious great mechanisms and the UFOs.

Why hide information about the moon?

Long published pictures of UFOs taken by astronauts on lunar expeditions. The fact is that all flights of the Americans to the moon was held under the full control of the aliens. That saw the first man on the moon? Remember the intercepted American radio in the words of Neil Armstrong:

Armstrong . “What is it? What the hell is it? I would like to know the truth, what is it?”

NASA: “What’s happening? Something wrong?”

Armstrong: “There are large objects, sir! Huge! Oh my God! There are other spaceships! They are on the other side of the crater.Are on the moon watching us!”

Much later appeared in the press a rather curious message, which said that the Americans on the moon was made to understand that the place is busy, and the Terrans have nothing to do here. Allegedly from the aliens even had the place almost hostile action.

So, astronauts Cernan and Schmitt observed the mysterious explosion of the antenna of the lunar module. One of them was transferred to the command module in orbit: “Yes, it exploded. Something flew over her just before that. it still. “At this time enters the conversation, another astronaut: “o my Lord! I thought we go down this. this. just look at this thing!”

After moon mission, Wernher von Braun said: “There are extraterrestrial forces that are much stronger than we expected. More I have no right to talk about it”.

Apparently, the inhabitants of the moon are not very warmly welcomed the envoys of the Earth, the Apollo program was prematurely curtailed, and a finished three ships remained unused. Apparently, the meeting was so cool that the moon was forgotten for decades as the US and the USSR, as if it was nothing interesting.

After the famous panic in the USA, appeared in October 1938, the authorities of this country do not risk injury to their citizens about the reality of aliens. Then, during the broadcast on the radio of the novel G. Wells ‘ “war of the worlds”, thousands of people thought that the Martians actually attacked Earth. Some fled in panic from the cities, others hid in cellars, and others built barricades and were prepared in arms to repel the invasion of terrible monsters.

It is not surprising that all of the information about aliens on the moon was classified. As it turned out, the world community has not only concealed the presence of aliens on Earth satellite, but the presence of ruins of ancient cities . mysterious structures and mechanisms.

The ruins of Grand buildings

30 October 2007, former chief of photo Department of the lunar laboratory NASA Ken Johnston and writer Richard Hoagland gave at the Washington press conference, reports of which appeared in all major news channels. This is not surprising because it was a sensation that caused a bombshell. Johnston and Hoagland said that U.S. astronauts found on the moon the ruins of ancient cities and artifacts . talking about the existence of it in the distant past of some highly developed civilization.

At the press conference were shown pictures of objects clearly artificial origin that are present on the lunar surface. As admitted Johnston, NASA moon photos coming in the open access, removed all items that may cause suspicion about their artificial origin.

“I saw with my own eyes, as in the late 60-ies of the NASA employees were ordered to paint the negatives of the lunar sky, recalls Johnston. – When I asked: “Why?” I explained: “in Order not to mislead the astronauts, because the sky on the moon is black!”

According to Ken, some of the pictures on the background of black sky white stripes stood out intricate configurations that the ruins were of Grand buildings that once reached a height of several kilometers .

Of course, such pictures do for free, awkward questions would not be avoided. Richard Hoagland showed journalists a picture of a magnificent building – towers of glass, which the Americans called “the castle”. Perhaps this is one of the tallest structures discovered on the moon.

Hoagland made a rather interesting statement: “Both NASA and the Soviet space program individually discovered that we are not alone in the Universe . There are ruins on the moon, heritage of a culture which was considerably more enlightened than we are now.”

The sensation did not shock

By the way, in the second half of 90-ies has already passed a similar topic briefing. Official press release then read: “on March 21, 1996 at a briefing at the National press club of Washington scientists and engineers from NASA involved in the implementation of the programmes of study of the moon and Mars, reported the results of processing of the information received. For the first time announced the existence on the moon, artificial structures and objects of technogenic character”.

Of course, at the briefing, the journalists asked why so long concealed the facts so sensational? Here the answer of one of employees of NASA, sounded then: “. 20 years ago it was hard to predict how will people react to the message that on the moon someone is or was in our time. In addition, there were other reasons not related to NASA” .

It should be noted that NASA seems to intentionally allow leaks of information about extraterrestrial intelligence on the moon. Otherwise it is difficult to explain the fact that George Leonard . published in 1970 his book “our moon is someone else”. I wrote it based on numerous photos that have gained access to NASA. It is curious that all copies of his books almost immediately disappeared from store shelves. I suppose that it could buy in bulk, so the book is not widely spread.

Leonard writes in his book: “We were assured in the complete lifelessness of the moon, but the data tell a different story. Decades before the space age, astronomers have mapped hundreds of strange “domes” observed “cities that grow”, and single lights, explosions, geometric shade was noticed by professionals and Amateurs” .

He cites an analysis of numerous photos in which he was able to discern as artificial constructions and giant mechanisms capture the imagination of size. There is a feeling that the Americans had developed a plan for gradual training of their people, and humanity as a whole, to the idea that the moon is settled by an extraterrestrial civilization.

Most likely, this plan was even a myth about the moon Scam: well, time did not fly Americans to the moon, then all messages about aliens and cities on the earth satellite can not be considered reliable.

So, first came the book by George Leonard. not widely circulated, then a briefing of 1996, which attracted wider attention, and, finally, a press conference of 2007, which became a worldwide sensation. And it did not lead to any upheaval, because the official statements of the American government, and NASA, and was not.

Let the moon of earth archaeologists?

Richard Hoagland was lucky enough to get pictures taken “Apollo-10 and Apollo-16”, which in the Sea of Crises can distinctly see the city . The picture shows the towers, spires, bridges and viaducts. The city is under a transparent dome, in some places damaged by ingress of large meteorites. This dome, like many structures on the moon, is made of a material that looks like crystal or fiberglass.

Ufologists are saying that, according to secret research NASA and the Pentagon, “crystal.” made lunar structures, with a structure reminiscent of the steel . moreover, the strength and durability it has no terrestrial counterparts.

Who created transparent dome . moon city, crystal castles and towers, pyramids, obelisks, and other man-made structures, sometimes reaching sizes of several kilometers?

Some researchers suggest that millions, maybe tens of thousands of years ago the Moon was a transit base for some extraterrestrial civilization that has its purpose on Earth.

There are other hypotheses. One of them, lunar cities were built mighty of the earth’s civilization, who died as a result of war or global cataclysm.

Without the support from Earth, the lunar colony withered and ceased to exist. Of course, the ruins of lunar cities are of great interest to scientists. Their study could give answers to many questions relating to the ancient history of earth’s civilization, would be able to learn and certain high technology.

Only here whether they’ll let the archaeologists of the earth to the moon its present owners?

A spaceship on the side of the moon

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