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The most mysterious places of Paris
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Gothic style

Something about the furniture

The name “Gothic” comes from the Greek and Latin languages: “gothos” and “gotthus”. Goths in ancient Rome were called barbaric foreign tribes that invaded the Empire from the North. Later this word in a distorted way was to meet in the literature of the Italian Renaissance.

As the title style for the first time the word “Gothic” was applied by the great painter Raphael, at the time of the report to the Pope on the construction of the Cathedral of St. Peter, and in that moment, he seems did not even know that she had decided on a new name for one of the greatest styles.

The main idea of this direction is to find answers to the questions – “why is there evil?”, “why is the world so cruel?”. It is believed that the Gothic style originated in Paris in 1136-1140.

In architecture the Gothic style manifested itself through the withdrawal from the dark bulky forms to more graceful and light, ascending up the designs in all their grandeur and monumentality. Classics of Gothic architecture can be considered as the Notre Dame Cathedral and the Church of the monastery of Saint Denis – with narrow towers, aspiring to heaven, the arched frame carved buildings and façade elements. The emphasized verticality of the architectural elements, the barbed needle spires, towers giganticaerulea, the abundance of bright parts and of gold, the radiance of stained-glass Windows, a fine stone, with a high level of decoration and knowledge of proportions – all these characteristics are a manifestation in architecture of the Gothic style.

The main feature of Gothic architecture is that its actual design does not match visual. Extremely heavy construction of the air may seem easy, but the columns supporting the whole structure are not given to understand its magnitude, preventing the viewer to properly Orient themselves in space.

Some elements date back from the origins of Gothic design: the stained glass Windows, arched ceilings, veneer stone fireplaces, ogival Windows and rich tapestries. All of these elements and still preserved in the Gothic style. In the Victorian era there were some stylistic changes – the color palette became a little richer, and the ornamentation is more florid.

In the Gothic interior are important not so much the colors (red, purple, ochre, gold and natural color of the metal) and natural materials (stone, wood and marble), but their mutual compatibility and harmony with the design of the interior space, the stylistic unity of a modern items with vintage. Wooden and tiled floors, typical of the early Gothic later began to cover the carpets.

Today the Gothic style is more common in expensive private homes and the interiors of cafes and restaurants.

The grandeur and scale affect the viewer directly, but rather by the ratio of shapes, volumes, openings and details.

The elegance is achieved with the help of finishing materials (wood carved panel, artificial stone, stucco), the use of traditional elements and work with lighting and stained glass Windows.

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