The Gothic structure
Interest in the Gothic woke up at the turn of the 17th and 18th centuries not only in England but also on the other end of Europe – Czech Republic.…

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The most mysterious places on the planet
The world is full of mysterious places. These places have been carefully studied by scientists, historians and archaeologists, but some of them are so ancient, incomplete or incomprehensible that it's…

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The Gothic quarter in Barcelona
The Gothic quarter of Barcelona . located in the historical and geographical center of the capital of the Autonomous region of Catalonia, in plan is a rectangle with sides approximately…

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Five promising business ideas in the construction and repair

Prosto many masters owning construction professionals as well as entrepreneurs wishing to experience a taste of real hand-made decorating the world – dream about opening your own construction or repair business. Besides the well-known standard lines of business in recent years arise and that their original industry, the demand for which may be large, and the competition is still low.

Antifungal service

The startup, which doesn’t need attachment – suitable even for pupils, students, pensioners and, despite its manual repair essence for women. As is known, the fungus in the whitewashed ceilings, bathrooms and toilet rooms, kitchens, and more likely to appear than not appear. And although anti-fungal remedies are cheap and ubiquitous – to apply them on your ceiling you need to take all the excess from the premises and/or to cover the entire area of the oilcloth, rinse and scrape away the old plaster from fungus, after treatment to align and to re-whitewash the ceiling (if you do not plan to install a suspended ceiling). Usually so many machinations for the sake of fungus nobody does – the action is delayed until large of a Grand renovation of the entire premises.

He’s found a profitable niche for aspiring entrepreneurs. Adequately advertised “mailboxes” of sleeping areas and on the Internet the elimination of fungus and qualitative perelivania (you can offer the ceiling covering not only white color, and install foam cornices and other ceiling decor) for 200-400 hryvnia in the space of about 10 square meters in Metropolitan areas, will undoubtedly find a few orders daily.

A site that sells used building materials

The idea allostreaming startups that do not require special understanding of the intricacies of construction. We are talking about the portal through which some construction companies, teams, private remondelli can sell waste and other unnecessary material items remaining after completion of the work.

For example, many installers of plastic Windows (or their customers) would not refuse to sell for pennies removed the old wooden Windows. In turn, many manufacturers would not refuse a penny to buy a glass of these old Windows. Even their frames and many of the cottagers and residents nearest to your city’s rural areas would be bought up for firewood. Earnings in this case will be small, but ordered the removal of uninstalled frames as garbage still will be much more expensive. Instead, the old frame hardly are submitted by our customers under the entrance, where, already beaten by hooligans, with even more labor export utilities to the landfill.

Well-known promoted (advertised at each entrance) site for communications sellers and buyers in such cases – and in a big city thousands every day – would have a very high attendance.

Where high traffic is there and high price of advertising. Until serious advertising profits cytomegalic.

Of course that was advertised here a profile of the company – construction and promalpinisty brigade, the producers of materials, home appliances. Finally, was advertised would be the same installers of plastic Windows – are already the most “spammers” cheap printed advertisement for mailboxes and will not refuse to replace a part on a point more clearly falling into “repairing” the target audience.

The great architects
The great 20th century architect Le Corbusier believed that architecture is "the art of constructing". Many peoples and cultures contributed to the history of architecture. The pioneers were the Greeks,…


The Gothic Quarter Of Barcelona
Barcelona and tourism – two things that cannot exist without each other. This city is so unique that they can come back again and again. And, of course, no one…