The most famous megaliths of Russia
Megaliths, huge buildings made of massive stone blocks, are found in our country. In Russia, such structures quite a lot, but they are not known as the famous Stonehenge in…

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Underground structures is
Underground facilities — (a. underground structures; B. unterirdische Bauwerke; f. ouvrages souterrains; I. instalaciones subterraneas) prom. c. x. cultural, defense and utilities are created in the array horn. rocks under…

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Underground structures is
Underground facilities — (a. underground structures; B. unterirdische Bauwerke; f. ouvrages souterrains; I. instalaciones subterraneas) prom. c. x. cultural, defense and utilities are created in the array horn. rocks under…

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The most mysterious places of Paris

Who of us at least once dreamed about a trip to Paris?

The center of Europe, world fashion capital, a city with a rich historical past – the action unfolds immortal Dumas novels, and Druon, whom many of us were read from a young age… In Paris everyone will find something that he likes. But if you’re a fan of mysticism and mysterious phenomena? So, what places is better to visit?

Notre-Dame de Paris (the hunchback of Notre Dame)

Long went the legend that the stone patterns and the ornaments of this building is hidden recipe of the philosopher’s stone. In the late middle Ages, Notre Dame really was a place of alchemical gatherings. After all, its architecture is traditionally correlated with germetikoj, each element – with one or another occult symbol. It is occult and not religious.

So, if you pay attention on ostensibly religious themes stained glass, you’ll find that they are far from Christian tradition. On the Central one – the rose is the virgin Mary dressed in a red cloak, beneath which is seen a green garment when it is traditionally dressed in blue. At the same time, the Freemasons room in the temple, used for initiation rituals in the fifteenth Degree – “Knight of the East and the Sword”, is divided into red and green halves. An accident.

However,”the stone cipher” is not the only mystery of Notre-Dame de Paris. In front of the grate in paving stone mounted round bronze plaque with the inscription: “zero kilometer”. Here are estimated distances to any point in France. But there is a version that is not just a hypothetical point, and “point zero”, which began to build the city. Here is the sacred centre of Paris. According to legend, if you stand at the plate and make a wish, it will come true…

The Grand Opera House

Ghost at the Opera – not the fiction writer Gaston Leroux. According to legend, a mysterious Ghost and to this day there is in one of the lodges. Moreover – in contracts the Directors of the Opera theatre there is always a clause prohibiting to take the audience box No. 5 in the first tier.

One day, in 1896, was given in the Opera “Faust”. When an actress, a prima Donna Caron, who plays Margaret, said the remark: “Oh, silence! Oh, happiness! Impenetrable mystery!”, from the ceiling suddenly broke a massive chandelier in bronze and crystal. For some unknown reason broke one of the counterweights that supported this edifice. 7-ton building collapsed on the heads of the audience. Many wounded, but by some happy accident killed only one janitor… In the accident all saw a mystical sign. Still it is attributed to the antics of the phantom of the Opera.

The Rue Saint-Claude

Here once dwelt the Ghost of a famous magician and hoaxer Giuseppe Balsamo or count Cagliostro. Tell that after his death he was selling on this street the elixir of eternal youth. In addition, in the mansion at number 1 phantom Cagliostro organised the so-called “dinner from the grave”, which was about the spirits of the celebrities – for example, Voltaire, Montesquieu and Diderot.

Square Vert-Galand

Here dwell the ghosts of the knights Templar. Earlier on this place there was a Jewish island, where, on 18 March 1314 by order of king Philip the Handsome were publicly burned the master of the order and his minions. Grand master Jacques de Mole before he died he cursed the family of the king, and he soon faded…

The Cemetery Of Pere-Lachaise

Every day here come the visitors, but not only to honor the memory of celebrities, and… to make a magical ritual!

For example, the headstone of the grave of the beloved Robespierre Eleanor Duple covered with inscriptions left by victims of unrequited love. They say it helps to achieve reciprocity. Homosexuals were your idol – the writer Oscar Wilde. Rather, poluangel-polishings, resting on the writer’s grave. First of the most zealous fans managed to copulate with this stone monster, who by the will of the sculptor was endowed with an impressive phallus. Then by order of the authorities the monument “castrated”. But there still remain traces of kisses – the prints of lipstick, and at the foot lie the mountains of love letters.

At night, Satanists and thrill seekers hungry for easy riches, trying to penetrate the vault of Princess Demidova, which like every night rises from the grave to serve a black mass… Before for the same purpose they visited the grave of the famous spirit of Alena cardica, however, in the 1990s, it blew up a attacker.

On the grave of the mystic Duple at noon, wondering on the Tarot cards. Divination has always come true. And the grave monument of the Communist-utopian Auguste Blanqui supposedly helps against infertility. You need to sit down at the lying statue, or rather touch a certain place…

Catacombs Tomb Issoire

Over the years revolutions here threw many of the bodies and executed. Re-buried here and the remains are resting at first of other urban cemeteries. Usually this was due to the changing political environment. So in the catacombs came to be relics of the Ministers of Louis XIV, Colbert and Fouquet, leaders of the revolution, Danton, Lavoisier, Robespierre and Marat. Found refuge in former quarries and famous French writers françois Rabelais, Charles Perrault, Jacques Racine, and physicist Blaise Pascal whose remains were moved here from the closed city cemeteries…

Today the catacombs is one of the most popular places for travelers, but only a small part of them is open for viewing.

One of the legends of the Paris catacombs is telling about a fantastic creature that live in the galleries under the Parc Montsouris. They say that it has amazing mobility, but is moved only in the dark. In 1777 Parisians are often faced with him, these meetings usually presaged death or loss of someone close.

The most beautiful Gothic cathedrals in France
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