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Secret methods of stone treatment ancient times revealed

Many have heard about the huge blocks of which are composed of an Egyptian pyramid, a smaller number know about the giant blocks were laid in the Foundation of the temple of Jupiter in the Lebanese city of Baalbek. However, with the fact that in ancient times there were certain ways of stone processing, is not available to the contemporaries are willing to accept very many.

Some common assumptions about how the people of ancient times were able to create as smooth blocks, thus having a Titanic mass can be divided into two: the influence of aliens or the existence of an advanced civilization of antiquity. Both assumptions are questionable.

However, everything in order. Let’s first consider the cases which cause confusion among historians and technical specialists. Besides those already mentioned pyramids and the Temple of Jupiter stands out the Aswan obelisk. This huge structure of antiquity was never completed because they were broken.

The scale is really impressive. What he carved on the spot, has given historians a reason to believe that also came with the most tremendous object is initially created at the quarry, then transported.

This version caught on, and confirmed during the inspection of the megalith, which was discovered in Japan. Stone ISI-but the Output, which is located hundreds of miles away Zapadnaya Asuka, near the town of Takasago is a kind of “prefabricated”.

This block was carved in the rock, however, remained in the place of their manufacture. Its dimensions are 5.7 x 6.4 x 7.2 meters, and weighs about 1,000 tons. The main part of the ISI-but-Cold – monolith, which is formed by 3 parallelepipeds of regular shape, 2 of them have similar dimensions in height and in thickness.

While the third is significantly smaller and is located between the other two. On one side there is a ledge, which is a truncated prism – in the end there is a feeling that the object is laid on its side. Particularly interesting is the fact that the form is similar to the Buddhist shrines that are carved from a solid piece of rock. Thus, another sanctuary was prepared, but not yet completed.

A comparison of these findings clearly indicates that visitors from other planets here at all at what. It is absolutely obvious that it was made by our ancestors themselves. The question arises, how it is transported so huge objects. Some experts claims that it was used by the ropes and round the trunks of trees. The assertion is more than questionable, since the vegetation in many regions around the megalithic buildings not so much.

Someone with a smile to say that it was because there was less that all cut down, but it will show that he is not familiar with the process of uprooting of stumps, and would not do. To position the construction on the natural plain is much more beneficial in this case. Besides the enormous weight would have crushed the tree, than again many can safely be forgotten.

However, this scheme looks plausible, it is only necessary to replace the trees on a product of work of the potters of ancient times, who were able to create truly amazing things. Some experts have suggested that the megalithic blocks are a cast product. Since there is evidence of the manufacture of ancient peoples glasses, it was not surprising, however, found that the materials of the megaliths is of natural origin.

Today science is aware of processes for the production of artificial crystals of precious cameos, but how to create faux granite with the natural structure as long as nobody knows. But why not to assume that casting was used to create the columns, which was used as a “substrate”, which helped to transport the megaliths from the place of manufacture.

In this case, saving for the production of concrete the ancient masters could use the rubble that was left after processing granite at quarries. This scenario seems much more logical and reasonable, taking into account the development of technology known to us of old. Separate issue is the method of processing of solid rock, which allowed to treat them like clay.

Set it to the desired form and used for subsequent placement in the architectural structures of antiquity. In particular around the world can observe the construction with the use of so-called polygonal masonry. A feature of this technology is that blocks are of different polygonal shapes, which are surprisingly accurately docked.

Option in which the ancient architects went through the stones in search of suitable, can be rejected as obviously meaningless and not viable. It is quite obvious that they had a set of tools that allowed an efficient processing of solid minerals. One of the versions is the use of dolerite balls that are extremely hard and can occur in the breed, as a kind of impurity.

However, this theory does not hold water when it comes to the geography of the discovery of the polygonal tab, and monoliths of Titanic proportions. Egypt, Japan, Machu Picchu (Inca), Peru. Experts-geologists will be happy to discourage you telling you that the composition of rocks that bear a single name is very different, depending on where he got it, and dolerite balls meet not everywhere.

However, when it comes to polygon tab, the answer is provided by nature. In Arizona in the middle of the Vermillion area, which is covered with a gray rocky layer, and is called “White pocket”. As you can see the surface is very reminiscent of polygonal masonry. Similar reliefs for all to see on the ground in a dry day, which should immediately be observed after rain. For example, the researchers point out that the structure of the “White pocket” could be formed during a glacial period due to soft sediment deformation.

Isn’t this “secret” so brilliant minds of modern humanity polygonal masonry. It is established that she has a much higher strength than the conventional clutch of usual construction materials the shape of a parallelepiped. Maybe not worth breaking your head over what engineering knowledge could have the stone age inhabitants, and it is worth thinking about where they “blaine” data polygons, which, obviously, had to remain after the ice age a lot more.

This also gives the answer to the question regarding the ubiquity of polygon tab. Why build conventional fences made of rectangular stones, when the technology is created (processing) of rocks with unusual shapes, which give the opportunity to get a construction with significantly better fortification. But at that time it was not an idle question.

Remains the last unsolved riddle: “How do the inhabitants of the stone age were able to process hard rocks such high quality?”. In fact, this brand seems no secret to any sensible person. In ancient times were perfectly aware of the acids and their impact on hard rock.

By the way, hydrofluoric acid great corrodes like rocks and the only thing you need is diligence and perseverance. Apply a thin layer to the place that you want to “cut” and wait until the stone is dissolved. If you limit the zone of influence of a certain area of a circular shape and gradually removing the reaction products, it is possible to obtain the recess of cylindrical shape, and since the acid is poured “by eye”, there will be cases when it will eat away at some more or less necessary, which creates the illusion of a track drill.

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