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Castello della Oscano
If you suddenly have a desire to live in this aristocratic castle, surrounded by its large area, it is necessary not to postpone a visit to the Castello della Oscano.…

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Castello della Oscano

If you suddenly have a desire to live in this aristocratic castle, surrounded by its large area, it is necessary not to postpone a visit to the Castello della Oscano. Despite the fact that the castle accepts visitors at any time of the year. Within the walls of this beautiful Italian castle to welcome each guest, as it is now settled hotel.

Castles of Italy is not only a decorative feature of the country, historical monuments and cultural sights, but also quite mundane buildings, which offer tourists luxurious quarters for living and recreation.

Oscano magnificent castle stands on a wooded hill just a few kilometers from the city of Tuscany and historic village of Perugia. Surrounded on all sides by mighty trees, the castle makes a unique impression on each its grandeur and seeming inaccessibility. In the real atmosphere of antiquity and ancient history you can get already in the ancient city of Siena, through the Chianti road that leads directly to the castle of Oscano.

The two main towers and the parapet of the castle were built in 1364, carrying the function of a defensive fortress. Castle of Oscano is the perfect example of a medieval castle, restored by count Telfner retaining all of the strict Italian tradition in the interior, istoricheskoye building with elements of modern design and technology for complete comfort.

Today the interior of the castle is arranged according to the latest hotel business, although the Italians have made every effort to preserve all historic elements. So every guest is not difficult to imagine yourself as a guest on the old ball. Each comfortable room antique furniture. Around the castle on the walls hang tapestries handmade and vintage weapons. It is also worth noting that the castle is preserved an ancient library, which is now open to visitors, and the reception hall which offers a private room for conferences. In the restaurant, which opened at the castle, you can always taste the real Italian cuisine.

Oscano the castle was restored from ancient ruins in the late eighteenth century in the style that was common in Italy at that time. And since then, the castle is considered the most prestigious and rich in the residence for distinguished guests, which became famous throughout the world for its high level of service.

The castle was originally built surrounded by a vast Park with an area of 200 hectares in the territory of which to our time has preserved the picturesque stone mill and a couple of small cottages, in which there is an opportunity to live, enthusiastically enjoying the ringing silence and solitude. Several cottages have their green inner courtyards, which are hidden from prying eyes.

If you still have no desire to retire away from civilization, the rooms and suites in the castle will always take the willing, including and detached from the castle, Villa Ada. This Villa was named after the famous Countess Ada’s Telfner, which fell completely in love with the scenery surrounding the castle. Into harmony quite fits artificial pool Bellosguardo. It is thus that it offers stunning views of the nearby valley that surrounds the hill with the castle and the Park with olive trees.

Oscano castle, hidden from prying eyes behind a timber fence, is actually an ideal place for hosting any kind of events. So it allows you to enjoy the celebration, forgetting about the existence of external life, with its pressing problems and each other similar days.

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