Toruń-gingerbread capital of Poland
Torun since 1997 included in the World heritage list of UNESCO. The city has many monuments of the middle ages and the 20th century. The city is known for its…

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Three biggest mosque in the world
Masjid-ul-Haram It is also known as Haram Beit Ullah (translated as "the Sacred house of Allah" or "the Forbidden house of Allah"). It is situated in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. This…

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The Gothic structure
Interest in the Gothic woke up at the turn of the 17th and 18th centuries not only in England but also on the other end of Europe – Czech Republic.…

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Underground structures is

Underground facilities — (a. underground structures; B. unterirdische Bauwerke; f. ouvrages souterrains; I. instalaciones subterraneas) prom. c. x. cultural, defense and utilities are created in the array horn. rocks under fluorescent… … Geological encyclopedia

Underground facilities — Thermal cameras, checkpoints and semiflow canals, reservoirs and wells Source: RD 34.03.201 97: safety in the operation of mechanical … Dictionary of terms of normative-technical documentation

Underground facilities — see Facilities underground EdwART. Glossary MOE, 2010 … Dictionary of emergencies

UNDERGROUND FACILITY — a specially equipped mine workings in the thickness of rocks that have different purposes: transport and hydraulic tunnels; the underground; power plants; refrigerators; pedestrian crossings, garages and other municipal facilities;… … Great Encyclopedic dictionary

Underground facilities — the Choice of architectural planning decisions. the method of construction, type of construction and mounting, waterproofing, air conditioning system, etc. is determined mainly by the appointment of PS and array properties of the enclosing mountain…… The great Soviet encyclopedia underground constructions — constructions for different purposes that are created in the rock mass. Underground paving transport and hydraulic tunnels, build underground, power station, warehouses, gas and oil tanks, garages, collectors, industrial… … Encyclopedic dictionary

underground buildings — statiniai ir požeminiai įrenginiai statusas T sritis apsauga nuo naikinimo priemonių apibrėžtis Inžineriniai apsauginiai įrenginiai, kurių paskirtis – karių, valdymo punktų, kovos technikos ir pramonės įmonių apsauga nuo NP poveikio. Požeminiai… … Apsaugos nuo naikinimo priemonių enciklopedinis žodynas

Underground facilities — shelter, with over an intact protective layer of soil. Troops are created with the engineering equipment of strips of defence and source regions for the onset, especially in conditions of stabilization of the front. P. C. are well camouflaged, have great… … Concise dictionary of tactical and General military terms underground facilities — thermal cameras, checkpoints and semiflow canals, reservoirs and wells. (See: safety Regulations when operating heat-consuming installations and thermal networks of consumers. Gosenergonadzor 7 may 1992) Source: House: Construction… … Construction dictionary

Underground structures — a kind of protective structures constructed in the strata (soils) mining or in special ways without disrupting the array of rocks along the contour generation. Used for placement of control points, communication hubs, shelters for personal… … of Civil protection. Conceptual and terminological dictionary

The most famous megaliths of Russia
Megaliths, huge buildings made of massive stone blocks, are found in our country. In Russia, such structures quite a lot, but they are not known as the famous Stonehenge in…


Secret methods of stone treatment ancient times revealed
Many have heard about the huge blocks of which are composed of an Egyptian pyramid, a smaller number know about the giant blocks were laid in the Foundation of the…