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What would Notre Dame, order it today

Almost every one of us loves to dream, would like to look into the future. How might religious buildings if they were built today? For example, Notre Dame let’s consider what would have happened if the American, Japanese, Russian and, of course, French architects, if they built the temple today or in the near future.

But first, let’s priotkroem mystery built in the 13th century Cathedral. Notre-Dame de Paris was built during a different century architects and builders. The Cathedral is designed in the Gothic style, which was quite bold for its time, as the dominant style in architecture was of the Romanesque style. The Italian Bohemians who invented the word “Gothic” mockingly called them, architectural direction, incomprehensible and alien to them.

Though Gothic style and adopted some approaches of Romanesque architecture, but at the same time creatively re-interpreted them. The Gothic style succeeded the Romanesque rid of the inertia and heaviness of materials. Gothic cathedrals are two to three times higher than the Romanesque, they soar high. Notre Dame is a great confirmation of this. The Cathedral’s height of 70 meters, length – 130 meters, the Cathedral can last up to 9 thousand worshippers at a time. Surprisingly, the greatest work of iskusstvoznanie rather primitive construction methods and simple equipment. Hardly used in the construction of a tower crane or hoist cargo – no cranes, no lifts in 12-13 centuries simply did not exist. But the freight Elevator could significantly facilitate the work, because it is equipped with a console roll-out platform for the flow of cargo into the openings, and in the Gothic buildings, the many arches and doorways. They formed a unique Gothic style in architecture.

A-line Cathedral as vertical. Additionally they create a feeling of lightness and airiness. In the middle ages the Cathedral was spoken of as frozen in stone textbook on the occult Sciences – allegedly in architecture Notre Dame hidden esoteric knowledge, and if they decrypt it, you can create a philosopher’s stone that will help any filthy lucre to turn into gold. Of course, this is just a beautiful legend, but do not forget that the Cathedral was built by Freemasons, which later became known as Freemasons.

Gothic buildings have white, yellow, red and blue. But the main distinguishing feature of Gothic is the pointed lines, which form a set of intersecting arcs. Gothic cathedrals are in the shape of a Basilica, i.e. a rectangular room with arches, which become the poles. And Gothic buildings compared to a skeleton so they appear to be weightless, extended. All Gothic churches, and Notre Dame is no exception, have stained glass Windows, ribbed arches above the doors. Technology pointed arch allowed the arch building is not to rely on the wall, as importantly, the pressure rests on the columns. Phillips the Lancet arch became the main opening of the Gothic architects. In the Gothic arch supporting pillars and columns, which are called abutments and buttresses, supports, installed outside of the building.

Gothic architects used a variety of building materials. Residential buildings were built of wood, for the town hall and other public, administrative places used a more expensive material – brick. The temples were made of stone. This material was, incidentally, the most typical of the Gothic architects.

The stone was used in antiquity, but the medieval architects began to apply medium-sized stones, one of them starting to build the first buildings with an improvised frame. Transformed into the Gothic style and the exterior walls of buildings. Due to the overlapping load was not to go on the wall as a whole, and at some point. This led to the fact that instead of the broad walls came a narrow cascades of the wall, separated from other Windows and arches. Notre Dame Cathedral is a hymn in honor of the architectural ideas of the past that was able to overcome the heaviness of the construction materials. It is not by chance that Gothic cathedrals in the first place is referred to as being frozen in stone music.

What would be amazing Cathedral, it try to build now or in the near future? Obviously, no one today would not have built a Cathedral 100 years, managed to the maximum for a couple. The pace and rhythm of life has greatly increased. Practical Americans have erected a Cathedral in the image and likeness of a skyscraper. Iron logic in modern cities land is expensive, so rising up of the building. The height of the Cathedral-the skyscraper would surpass the Eiffel tower, and Montparnasse. In the Cathedral tower the Americans would apply energy-saving technologies. Solar panels would provide energy, rainwater may cause the sewage systems. And the American Cathedral could be spinning, at least in America already are designing buildings that turn the most for a few months, and at least one day 360 degrees. The FBI would set up in the Cathedral-the remake bug, just in case, to control geopolitical events in France.

The Japanese would have turned the modern Notre Dame in the “smart home”. Why not? The doors of the temple would obediently opened to Catholics and would be tightly closed to Protestants. It would be a tribute to the history, the memory of the massacre of St. Bartholomew, when a few hours were destroyed, thousands of Huguenots all across France. The Japanese would have established in the Cathedral a plasma screen, through which parishioners could always observe before the eyes of the Pope. Although, it is possible that the Japanese for such technologies in the near future no plasma screens will be required. The Pope or his image will be able to materialize in the Cathedral without any extra equipment.

The French would have made the Cathedral a luxurious, would necessarily perpetuate the Carla Bruni and Nicolas Sarkozy (of course, if construction took place during them). And here at Russian Cathedral would become one of the most expensive buildings in the world. It is no coincidence that in Moscow kilometer of road costs the city budget more than a kilometer of the construction of the hadron Collider.

What of these councils would like to see? It is obvious that the world will continue to build places of worship. What are the temples in 21,22 century – time will tell. We can only dream on that and hope to see them.

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