The Petersburg defenses during the great Patriotic
After unsuccessful attempts of German troops to take the city by storm in the autumn of 1941. the front line was stabilized along the line of Uritsk - Pulkovo heights…

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The great architects
The great 20th century architect Le Corbusier believed that architecture is "the art of constructing". Many peoples and cultures contributed to the history of architecture. The pioneers were the Greeks,…

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The great architects
The great 20th century architect Le Corbusier believed that architecture is "the art of constructing". Many peoples and cultures contributed to the history of architecture. The pioneers were the Greeks,…

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Hello dear readers. Excuse me in advance apologize for some confusion of my statement and possible pitfalls, for the simple reason that writing this article is my first literary experience. So, let me introduce myself. My name is Kirill and I Kolansky more than 10 years of working in shifts in gas company of LLC “Gazprom dobycha Yamburg”, currently holding the position of engineer for oil and gas 1 category at the Northern fisheries company. This small presentation is only for the fact that you have an understanding that I well not put you in doubt, those facts and concepts which I will continue to operate.

Now let’s turn to the presentation of the events. April 14, 2012 shift on GSP 421 YAMBURG-UFA. I’m in the company of other happy and satisfied shift workers, honestly spent their watch, and serving on midobaby rest in the place of permanent residence, stood in line for registration, with some satisfaction that I inherited at this time the ticket was next to the window. And this fact is a logical explanation, those who flew on the TU-154 have to remember that this is perfect in all respects except for the convenience of passengers, the aircraft range consists of 3 seats, and citibankonline of rugged men working in the Arctic circle, at least with the illusion of comfort, you can sit either in the aisle or by the window. This was followed by some series of coincidences that led to the fact that I managed to make the pictures below. Firstly after takeoff, I noted the fact that the sky was surprisingly bright.

As I wrote previously, over 10 years flying to and from work, but never have I witnessed such an amazing sight. Usually after takeoff, the aircraft during the ascend of flying Cirrus clouds in the upper atmosphere, and most of the time the bottom can be observed only endless from horizon to horizon the snowy wool. The clouds in the upper atmosphere but can sometimes have more relaxed structure, but a feature of Northern latitudes is also of high clouds in the lower atmosphere, that completely hides any semblance. So this time visibility was so good that I completely forget about the most favorite amusement the story on the plane (do not think anything bad, I mean sleep) pressed his nose against the window and armed with a smart phone with built in camera enjoyed severe Northern beauty and occasionally photographed something most interesting. About Northern beauty I want to talk separately. I, as a person born and raised in Central Russia, not at once saw through all the beauty and charm of this amazing region. But over time, this nature is absorbed into me and began my part, I can confidently say the North country has its own very special but no less wonderful nature, let her not so impressive and does not possess the variety of colors, but it is great for its minor details and finishing touches. She’s just beautiful. Phew, okay forgive me for that slight digression just couldn’t help myself. Will start to post pictures:

Fig.1 One of the objects for the extraction of hydrocarbons

Given that the photos were originally taken by the camera of the smartphone, which of course says not a very good picture quality, the highlights to catch you. The number of photos I’ll post only order that would have been noticeable as the look of the plane some man-made objects, in order to understand how they differ dramatically from the images, which will depict actual those fragments which struck me. For example in this photo you can clearly see the paved roads and pipelines. Follow on:

Fig.2 Just amazingly beautiful bend some Northern rivers

Fig. 3 road New Urengoy – Surgut

It’s great that before we flew awesome lines visible on the photos, I had the opportunity to photograph the road in order to understand the huge difference in construction technologies, these engineering solutions.

Figure 4. Three brand parallel lines clearly visible even in the tundra

What would clearly see the line we need to consider the pictures with great extension that would increase their visibility in this article, I’m in Power Point, just held near them line clearly visible in red. It was the first thing I saw and probably would not pay much attention to it and maybe even thought it was only the next located the collector of the main gas pipeline. This is the first thing that came to my mind. But looking at what we passed I actually felt a sense of unreality.

Figure 5. The number of parallel lines increased to five, and here’s what I finally finished — intersecting at right angle the other is the same line!

Figure 6. Everything fell into place something that really exists. There is already quite amenable to observation clear, absolutely geometrically correct rectangles

Of course I could not remain indifferent to what they see and asked my colleagues and neighbors on the plane to look out the window and make sure that I do not suffer from hallucinations. Although hallucinations sure is hard to capture on camera. And my mighty but not so curious colleagues confirmed, say Yes see what s…s, but it us not very interesting and generally want to sleep and there are more important things in this world – there’s already lunch spread.

The first thing that came to my mind is the movie “the Thirteenth floor”, I hope you watched this stunning film, about an artificial reality, an analogue of the “Matrix”. So there is a moment when one character decides to leave the boundaries of his world and discovers that his world is finite and limited to a computer it sort of straight lines.

But I still have to do this too hard materialist and bones to the depths of the engineer, therefore, dismiss these considerations and take the following hypothesis. This is certainly a unique engineering structures. Who is the Builder and what purpose they were built, I fear, will remain a mystery for a long time.

Why unique? Well firstly, even with modern instrumentation level incredible geometrical accuracy and just did tsiklopicheskie structures. Secondly, it’s one thing to properly geometrically spaced, quite another just to be built correctly. As you know to build such a huge energy and very direct materialization. Take for example the road. The shortest distance between two points is a straight line, everyone knows that. Has anyone seen where something absolutely straight roads? A very rare phenomenon. Hence the following conclusion: the unknown builders had principialno need the location of these objects. Thirdly, the fact that construction on the tundra. The construction of any facilities in the tundra is a priori difficult task, knitted with low bearing capacity soils, which are perennial-frozen rocks. The only currently available technology of building foundations is an immersion into the permafrost just huge piles of Dina. This is a very complex engineering task, also very costly. And then a never-ending struggle against the thermal stabilization of these piles and to deal with their lifting from the ground. It is generally a separate song. In General, without supervision, any building in terms of MSEs will be eventually destroyed. This leads to the conclusion that the age of these structures is very large, and that they manifested through the tundra as a result of soil erosion. And were built long before the glacial period, when, in these latitudes was a completely different climate.

I’d like to believe that this fact will not remain without attention of interested persons and these facilities will be comprehensively investigated. I am more than confident that examining these structures, we get a lot of evidence of the existence in ancient times on the territory of Western Siberia advanced civilization of our ancestors.

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