Old bridges are best
Recently in the world suddenly "showered" bridges. Capital buildings literally fall down like a house of cards. Though all these emergency happened far away, Willy-nilly, think about it, how is…

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The most famous megaliths of Russia
Megaliths, huge buildings made of massive stone blocks, are found in our country. In Russia, such structures quite a lot, but they are not known as the famous Stonehenge in…

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Gothic style
As a result the slow, but unceasing development of medieval social relations and art there was a new style, authentically reflecting the change occurred. The Gothic style, which lasted more…

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The most mysterious places on the planet

Each country has its own mysterious places of legend. People come from distant lands to see these places and try to solve their mystery. The human psyche is arranged so that it pulls to the most mythical and mystical places on the planet.

1. Stonehenge – one of these mythical places on the planet, which is a fragment of the ancient civilization. Stonehenge located in the English County of Salisbury. According to scientists the boulders erected between 3500 and 1100 years before our era and brought to Salisbury.

The fact that the huge stones were delivered to the construction site in about 380 kilometers from the nearest stone quarry, surprised. The weight of a stone is approximately a few tons. The main mystery of Stonehenge is that in 1998 scientists determined that the stone figures have a precise model of the Solar system. For what this place was built and who were its creators, for us remains a mystery.

In this place can be reached by plane to London, and thence passing through Waterloo station to Salisbury.

2. Another mysterious place is the catacombs, which are located in the small town of South Moravia. And nobody knows where they came from. The length of the catacombs reaches 25 kilometers. In 1996 was Iiglobal expedition, during which one of the archaeologists heard somewhere played the organ. Stepping outside wafting to him the sounds, he entered the dungeon, and the famous catacombs, which now plays the organ and covers the stairs.

You can access this place by plane to Prague and then by bus to Jihlava.

3. Many movies have been filmed with the participation of the mysterious Easter island, but with huge human statues that are called Moai. These statues are carved from tuff and weigh about a ton, the height of the statues from 2 to 21 meters.

There are many versions of how the statue was on the island. There is a version that they were themselves, and there that they were helped by aliens. While the answers to many questions remain a mystery. To take you there maybe a flight to Santiago de Chile, and from there a local flight carriers to Easter island.

4. Mystical the Winchester mystery house has left no one indifferent to its history. 160-bedroom house, which is located in the state of California, famous because in years when there lived the owners, no one but the servants could not enter this house.

His story is that young housewife Sarah Winchester who lost her baby daughter and husband, went crazy in their grief. She turned to mediums who supposedly tied her up with the spirit of her husband, who said that while a house is being built, she would live.

So after 38 years, until the house was built, Sara for Breakfast drew all new projects to floors and rooms, which can confuse evil spirits. This house has something to offer lovers of mysticism. The Winchester mystery house is San Jose street, Winchester Boulevard, under the number 525.

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