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In the Tver region found giant prehistoric complex

Not far from the Moscow expedition of the newspaper “Caravan+I” found a huge prehistoric complex of forty-four buildings, the antiquity of which dates back to antediluvian Hyperborea. Found a complex in the watershed of tributaries of the Volga and North of the rivers flowing into the White sea

Near Sandow are very old objects, a few thousand years more ancient than the Egyptian pyramids. This Chronos, an ancient device time. They had built a structure resembling an egg. Such construction of the mound preserved in Mycenae, in Greece, in the so-called tomb of Agamemnon.

Because of the ancient Rus the inner construction was made of wood and the Millennium rotted away. In later centuries, when Russia spread variation of Tawheed – protoreaster, these ancient mounds were used for burial pots of ashes after burning the dead. With the onset of the Christian era they were already buried by the Athonite rite.

About 40 km North from the capital city of Ireland Dublin is a large prehistoric complex of forty burials. It is sometimes called “the Royal cemetery of the BRU-na-Boyne”. It belongs to the 100 wonders of the world. It covers an area of 10 sq km on three sides of the burial ground surrounds the river Boyne, making a big loop here, probably people who have chosen this place for burial of their ancestors, were convinced that the waters of the sacred river would protect their graves.Be that as it may, but these huge burial mounds have survived. And this despite the fact that the structures in the valley of the Boyne a thousand years older than the famous Stonehenge and five hundred years – the Egyptian pyramids at Giza.

Member of the expedition of the newspaper “Caravan+I” Valery Solonnikov described his impressions after visiting the complex:

– Amazing. As if hit in the world of giants. These objects are similar to anthills of gigantic proportions. Them there a lot. They are overgrown by thick forest, so they have been unable to detect, even when scanning the space.

Journalist Evgeny Petrov suggested that the complex discovered here is not accidental. There were reports that Landowska in the same district of the Tver region there is the anomalous zone, where time stops – presumably the entrance to another dimension.

Discovered in the Tver region of Russia the complex exceeds in size the Royal cemetery of brú na bóinne in Ireland. Irish pyramids, several smaller pyramids of Sadovskogo prehistoric complex.

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