Lviv is an ancient and mysterious Carpathian mountains invite
Day 1. Meeting the group by the company representative. Accommodation in the hotel (hostel). We invite You on a bus and walking city tour "Lviv Magic": as if out of…

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The megalithic complex of Newgrange in Ireland
The megalithic complex of Newgrange in Ireland - first place on the planet where they were doing experiments with human consciousness. The valley of the river Boyne in Ireland's County…

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The most mysterious places on the planet
The world is full of mysterious places. These places have been carefully studied by scientists, historians and archaeologists, but some of them are so ancient, incomplete or incomprehensible that it's…

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The water delivery. Types of water intake facilities

Water delivery of a set of measures to provide water to the population, industrial enterprises, transport and other consumers.

The choice of type of water intake facilities and their position depends on

the depth of the aquifer, its capacity and voodoobilly,

the mode of occurrence, geological and hydrological conditions.

In the design of new and expansion of existing water intakes should respect the terms of their interaction with existing and planned water intakes in adjacent areas, as well as their impact on the environment (surface runoff, vegetation, etc.).

Water delivery

The requirements for water intakes of water supply systems:

1) Intake structures must ensure the water supply is adequate and of required quality. Continuity of water flow in the selected security should be guaranteed under the most unfavorable possible combination of hydrological, technological and other conditions.

2) Intake structures shall: provide fence the water source and supply it to the consumer; to protect the water system from getting into her litter, algae, plankton, biological fouling organisms, sediment, ice, etc.; to protect juvenile fish from proniknoveniya intake.

3) Intake structures for drinking purposes must meet the sanitary requirements. In the locations of these structures are organizing zones of sanitary protection.

4) the Diversion structure should be strong, durable, resistant, simple in construction, convenient in operation and economical.

Water delivery

When selecting the source of centralized drinking water supply, consider first of all groundwater in the rocks of the upper layer of the earth’s crust. First, consider the possibility of using inter-layer pressure water, then inter-layer unconfined, then the fissure-karst and groundwater.

The oldest city in the Western hemisphere, teotihuacán
The oldest city in the Western hemisphere, teotihuacán, the mysterious, abandoned place. Teotihuacan is near Mexico city. The name of the ancient city, translated as "city of the gods". How…


Gothic style
As a result the slow, but unceasing development of medieval social relations and art there was a new style, authentically reflecting the change occurred. The Gothic style, which lasted more…