The great architects
The great 20th century architect Le Corbusier believed that architecture is "the art of constructing". Many peoples and cultures contributed to the history of architecture. The pioneers were the Greeks,…

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Castello della Oscano
If you suddenly have a desire to live in this aristocratic castle, surrounded by its large area, it is necessary not to postpone a visit to the Castello della Oscano.…

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The great architects
The great 20th century architect Le Corbusier believed that architecture is "the art of constructing". Many peoples and cultures contributed to the history of architecture. The pioneers were the Greeks,…

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Lviv is an ancient and mysterious Carpathian mountains invite

Day 1. Meeting the group by the company representative. Accommodation in the hotel (hostel). We invite You on a bus and walking city tour “Lviv Magic”: as if out of a medieval fairy tale you will be embraced into the arms of the majestic architectural structures, temples and ancient squares, cozy city kvartalikiri (a great opportunity to explore the historic sights, the richness and variety of architectural styles of the XIV-XX centuries – the Cathedral of St. Elizabeth; Lviv Polytechnic; Archcathedral Basilica of St. Yura, Lviv national University, the unique architectural ensembles of the old town)…. What secrets will tell the ancient walls? You’re sure to learn about it! And even climb the mountain High Castle and from the height of bird’s flight will cover the eyes of the mysterious panorama of the city! Then visit the Museum of folk architecture and life under the open sky – Shevchenkivskyi Gai – he is the pride of Lviv and is very popular, both with visitors and among the citizens. Now in the “Shevchenko grove” has more than 120 monuments of folk architecture. Many of the buildings you can see not only outside but inside. On the territory of the Museum there are two exhibition halls where you can watch the folk art objects. Besides all this, there is a small menagerie. Walking through narrow paths in the old peasant huts, water and wereanimals, wooden churches and chapels, You will feel all the beauty and richness of folk architecture of Ukraine. Lunch.* In the second half of the day, recommended to continue the acquaintance with the ancient city and its mysterious corners. You can embark on a journey of the mysterious dungeons of the Pharmacy Museum* “Under the black eagle” and to be real alchemists. It is very close by and You are waiting for “to visit” old oregana – the only in Ukraine Museum of weapons “Arsenal”* – defensive construction in the XVI century. the Exposition is based on appearance, place and time of manufacture of weapons, it presents samples of weapons and firearms, items of military FORTS, a collection of tableware with images of weapons and a collection of military orders.

The Museum exhibits more than 30 countries around the world.

In free time we recommend you to visit the “Lviv chocolate workshop” (optional), where chocolate maker manually produces exquisite chocolates, and buy a sweet souvenir from the city, or pay a visit to market Handicrafts “Vernissage”, where you can also purchase a beautiful keepsake.

^ Dinner*. Overnight.

Day 2. Breakfast. We offer a choice of: Option 1 . Free day in Lviv. Optional: You are invited to our “World of Entertainment” water Park “the Beach”, which is the largest indoor water Park in Western Ukraine. He will give You a wide variety of water sports: and Entertainment area contains 9 extreme slides of different degrees of difficulty and length;

-Special area for children with pool, slides and entertainment; -swimming Pool with counterflow;

Is the largest in the Western region of the country 50-meter pool.

Another “world of entertainment” center “King Kross Leopolis” and “Auchan” hypermarket, with an area of 13,000 m, where more than 100 shopping spaces: boutiques, household goods, cafes, restaurants, etc.; bowling alley, skating rink*. and most importantly – modern cinema complex “Planeta Kino” with advanced IMAX technology, that allows to show movies in 3D effect three-dimensional image through special eyeglasses. In Ukraine such complexes are only three.

Master-classes on making dolls and items out of straw – on request.*

Option 2. Outside town bus tour “In the footsteps of kings”. We offer you a nice journey in the province of soaked king, the Hetman and the king’s spirit on Zhovkivska. You will see castles and shrines, where once visited by Polish king Jan III Sobieski, Chancellor Stanislaw Zolkiewski, the Russian Emperor Peter I and Ukrainian Hetman Bohdan Khmelnytsky, Petro Doroshenko, Ivan Mazepa. Arrival to Lviv (orientirovochno.00). Free time. A walk in the evening Lviv. Dinner*. Overnight.

Option 3. Departure for excursion “the Golden ring”. Castles of Lviv region: Olesko, Zolochiv and Pidhirtsi (You probably recognize familiar places from the popular TV movie “D’artagnan and three Musketeers”)! Olesko castle is the oldest castle in Western Ukraine, the former residence of Polish kings, where the unique collection of paintings, sculptures, applied art of the ages 10-19. Pidhirtsi castle is one of the most famous castles of Ukraine, the monument of architecture of 17-18 centuries. Zolochiv castle is a monument of architecture, one of the outstanding examples of the art of fortification in the late 16th .- early 17th century Return to the city (approximately at 18.00). Svobodnoe time.

^ Dinner.* Overnight.

Day 3. Early Breakfast. The release numbers. Departure to the Carpathian mountains. Bus sightseeing tour to “the charm of the Carpathian mountains”: the picturesque slopes of the Carpathian mountains, high passes, mountain streams clean and clear as a tear, misty peaks and endless gave . this beauty can be admired forever . On the way stop at “blitz-picnic” with dishes of Carpathian cuisine*. Tour – health resort “Carpathians” Chinadievo – castle of Austrian count Friedrich Shenborn (1841-1907). This romantic medieval castle, built in neo-Renaissance style, has its own legends, history and mystery. The castle is surrounded by a beautiful garden-arboretum with rare species of trees: boxwood, Catalpa, Weymouth pine, canadian spruce, Japanese cherry, Italian glinitsa.. and in the center topped with a decorative lake. A walk in the Park-the arboretum (XIX). The source of beauty.

Transfer to Mukachevo. Accommodation at the hotel. Free time. Dinner.* Overnight.

^ Day 4. Breakfast. The release numbers. Excursion to Mukachevo – the city over the Latorica,

combines medieval mystery and multiculturalism, exoticism and tradition. Here preserved the architectural heritage of Austro-Hungary and hovers the spirit of the Habsburgs: the town hall, the chapel of St. Joseph XIV century, the White walls of the XVI-XVII centuries . And Mukachevo castle of the Hungarian kings “Palanok” is a special pride of the region – one of the most valuable historical and military-architectural monuments of Transcarpathia XIV-XVII centuries is surrounded by legends and military glory, crowned with a castle for its powerful fortifications lonely peaked hill on the nearby plain. Lunch* (where, as in Mukachevo You can taste the Hungarian cuisine!). Moving to Beregovo, swimming in the thermal outdoor pool* (at extra cost) at a water temperature of 36 to 39 deg..

Free time. Check out the home.

(Alternative option. Breakfast. The release numbers. Excursion in Mukachevo, castle of the Hungarian kings “Palanok”. A visit to the extraordinarily beautiful valley of daffodils (late March-early April) in Kireshi tract, a reindeer farm in the conservation area. On the way – arrival in Izu village, famous for its unique fishing – rod making. Here You can buy original products of the vine as a gift to your relatives and friends. Check out the home.)

^ In our wonderful and romantic landscape You will never leave the holiday feeling.

Come visit us in any season – winter, spring, summer and fall and enjoy the unique local flavor!

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