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The mysteries of ancient Egypt

Egypt – ancient secrets Aroma engulfs him. Only dynastic period of Ancient Egypt spans more years than the entire history of the modern world. So let’s touch the mystery and the mysteries of Ancient Egypt, try to get to know this country.

What on Mars is life, at least in the most primitive forms, has been proved. But Gaby Brennen, author of “the Martian Genesis”, went much further. He believes that the early Martians and ancient Egyptians once crossed. And it does not need space ships. The contact took place with the help of pyramids. These mysterious structures are not without reason called today an increased interest for a long time. Moreover, in their proportions enclosed almost all of current mathematics. Inside the pyramids there is a place where fruit and vegetables can be stored, not ports arbitrarily long time, and the blades of razors sharpened by themselves, Gaby Brennan found the pyramids another remarkable physical property: they can generate static electricity and periodically dump it from the top to the atmosphere – the mysterious glow in the wee hours. Therefore, people who find themselves inside of cyclopean structures, can in certain circumstances be felt, as their soul leaves the body and goes on an independent journey In one of such trips, according to Brennan, the ancient Egyptians inspired draunimasi the idea of building the Sphinx, an exact copy of earth.

Gone are the days when science with a condescending smile belonged to ancient legends, tales, beliefs. Today study ancient folklore, finding in it “rational grain”, And find. Not only in folklore but also during the excavation of unexpected findings, overturning all our ideas about the knowledge and achievements of their ancestors. It turned out that the ancient Egyptians used the camera obscura – the precursor of the modern cameras, made dentures, and physicians conversant with craniotomy: some turtles were found a silver “patch” covering received in battle wounds.

Belief – as you know, the Egyptians believed that the human soul consists of two parts. One of them, which they called. The ka could leave the body and fly through the Universe.

The mysteries of ancient Egypt, According to Egyptian sources, the Great pyramid was specifically designed to. The ka of the Pharaoh could use it to travel in space. “She was focused on the constellation Orion, and the soul of the deceased Lord could accurately and easily enter this divine constellation,” writes Brennan, But probably any other pyramid could serve as a “springboard” to launch. In distant journey, otherwise how would have appeared in Ancient Egypt and in later times as many stories about people whose souls have experienced amazing adventures, wandering between the stars and back in your body.

Mysterious traces of civilization digepesca

What do you associate with Egypt? Properly, the great pyramid. What do we know about them? As it turned out, not so much – this is evidenced by new and new and new facts.

As you know, the three pyramids of Giza (Cheops, Chephren and menkaure) and the Sphinx were constructed in the early old Kingdom (2800-2250 years BC). These structures have a very strange for those times properties: for example, if you try growing in the pyramid of crystals of garnet (which is used in laser technology), scientists at the first experiment suddenly burned all platinum-iridium crucibles, in which was laid the charge. It turned out that the charge was processed in the pyramid receives an additional, commensurate with the estimated energy from literally nowhere. But who could build such facilities – is it the Egyptians? Probably not – the pyramids were built with the knowledge that the ancient Egyptians simply not available. What is this knowledge?

Pyramids of Egypt: known and unknown

When scientists began mapping the position of the great pyramid, it was found that the diagonal of the pyramid is directed exactly along the Meridian. BUT. Moreover, the accuracy of this theoretical direction to the North pole (not Polaris) is 4 minutes, 30 seconds – accuracy was not available even to the builders of the Paris Observatory thousands of years later. But how could they build?

But the stunning mystery is that the location of the pyramids at Giza with an accuracy repeats the arrangement of the three main stars in the constellation Orion (top to bottom) – mintaka, Alnilam, Alnitak. Coincidence? Astronomers do not agree? Question?

According to scientists, the line set by the three small pyramids near the pyramid of menkaure, is the position of the celestial equator at the times of pyramid building (the celestial equator is a circle, the plane of which is perpendicular to the axis of rotation of the Earth). “And why they, and not the same three small pyramids near the pyramid of Cheops?” – sarcastically asked the knowledgeable reader. But because these structures define another line – the line of the solstices (the line between winter and summer solstice). The astronomical coordinate grid the line perpendicular to the line of the celestial equator. And indeed, three small pyramids near the pyramid of Cheops set the direction of the line, so that is perpendicular to the line of three small pyramids near the pyramid of menkaure.

True knowledge must always contain the element of free will, while freedom of choice gives not only the bricks used for construction of the building of the physical and spiritual evolutionary progress, but also serves as instrument of destruction. This weapon of destruction can manifest itself or collectively – through technology, religion, psychology or politics of a given time or subjectively – through the shadow, the ID, or the lower quality nature of the individual. The ancient Egyptians, like their teachers from Atlantis, knew it. Therefore, in order to keep their knowledge secret and to ensure their transmission to posterity, they are all encrypted using a cryptographic charades, deciphering of which we will take years and years to come. In addition, they foresaw the fear that can encompass us after clues left messages; so the ancients tried to make it so that we know in advance about the happy end, which will inevitably follow an evolutionary jump caused the original suffering. Of course, somebody may doubt that five epagomenal of Neverov really were conductors of energy of Sirius (as Osiris is often mentioned in connection with Orion, and Seth was anciently associated with the constellation of URSA major).

The mysteries of ancient Egypt I guess for us it will remain an unknown? Maybe we don’t really need to know about it because it’s a mystery that they wanted, hid from us?

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