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Toruń-gingerbread capital of Poland

Torun since 1997 included in the World heritage list of UNESCO. The city has many monuments of the middle ages and the 20th century. The city is known for its almost intact medieval layout and is built of brick many Gothic buildings, including monumental churches, the town hall and burgher houses.

1.Medieval town of toruń lies on both sides of the Vistula river, reflecting the beauty of its Gothic buildings in its waters. On this earth the poles lived since time immemorial.

2. Its origin the city owes the knights of the Teutonic order, which, as a kind of base to capture Prussia, in the THIRTEENTH century built a castle here

3. To our days reached from the castle the picturesque ruins of ancient fortifications.

4.Torun, unlike many other historic cities in Poland, avoided significant destruction during World War II. Old Town remained intact, so all the architecture is original, not restored after the destruction.

5. Here is the best in Northern Europe the Gothic complex. It includes a unique apartment building, which was returned to their original appearance Dating back to the 13th and 14th centuries old churches and, of course, city hall.

6. Coastal promenade, along the river, is a favourite place of walks of local residents and tourists.

7. The symbol of the city is the city hall, which used to convene the Sejm and negotiated by the representatives of Royal dynasties. Today in the halls of the town hall District Museum.

8. Since XIII century on the market square there was a complex of buildings, which United the merchants ‘ house and cloth hall, shops and bread shops, the tower and the first city hall and the courthouse.

9. The oldest Roman Catholic Church of toruń is the Church of St. John. In this Church was baptized and Copernicus.

10. The Church of the blessed virgin Mary, built in the fourteenth century — a unique example of brick Gothic architecture, is richly decorated inside.

11.Leaving the Church, the tourists get to the prison street, where the complex is kept soedinennyh the courthouse with the jail through the gallery.

12.In Torun has its own “leaning tower”, only it’s called “Kriva Vezha” (“crooked Tower”) is one of the towers of the fortress wall, built in the XIII century. Since its peak away from the vertical nearly half a meter.

13.In 1473 at Torun on the St. Anne street (now Copernicus street) the birthplace of Nicholas Copernicus. It is not surprising that today, on this street in the house №17 is the Museum. The name Copernicus is the University, which is one of prestigious higher educational institutions in Poland.

14. The house features original and restored vintage interiors of some rooms.

15. The ancient part of the city remained approximately the same, described by Copernicus himself.

16. On the market of the Old town, next to the town hall, Copernicus even put up a monument on which is engraved in Latin: “Nicolaus Copernicus, torranin, moved the Earth, stopped the Sun and the Sky”.

17. The planetarium is one of the biggest attractions of toruń, the most high-tech object of this type in Poland. The toruń planetarium is located near the Old town, the Franciscan street. It was named after the famous Polish astronomer — Vladislav Diavolsko.

18. Near the monument to the great astronomer is another attraction — the town symbol — the monument to the ferryman. In the Middle ages the ferrymen in Torun was enough — they made the connection — ferried passengers and goods along the Vistula, he is only one of them became famous for his art of playing the violin and, according to legend, freed his fellow citizens from the invasion of the frogs.

19. The main edible attraction of the city is toruń gingerbread (Polish. Toruńskie pierniki).If you buy a nice box of gingerbread Scherzo, inside, in addition to the sweet hearts, you’ll find the disk with the famous “Mazurkas” and a piece of paper with a passage from a letter of Chopin’s Warsaw. In the message composer recognizes that all Gothic churches of Torun, the town Hall and the famous crooked tower not impressed him so much, how wonderful pierniki.

20. All who will be in this town, is to go to the Museum (9 Rabianska ulica). Torun (in Polish called gingerbread), where you, together with other visitors, will be able to cook traditional print Torun gingerbread and carry it with you on memory — because toruń is one of the three gingerbread capital of the world, along with Cologne and Tula…

It is an old town of toruń was the capital. However, not all Poland and of the Pomeranian province. Times have changed: the medieval town “changed team” and appeared in the region with a longer name — Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship, the capital’s dividing powers with neighboring Bydgoszcz. But in one area the primacy of toruń is still undeniable — in the manufacture of gingerbread.

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