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The megalithic complex of Newgrange in Ireland

The megalithic complex of Newgrange in Ireland – first place on the planet where they were doing experiments with human consciousness.

The valley of the river Boyne in Ireland’s County Meath is little different from other scenic areas of the country. Bright green meadows, interspersed with hills, a neat stone fence indicating the property lines of farmers. Among the pastoral images are easy to overlook several ancient burial grounds, as if purposely hidden from prying eyes. One of them – Newgrange, megalithic building, erected about five thousand years ago. Once a year, at the winter solstice, inside this stone tomb penetrates a sunbeam on a few minutes highlighting its Central hall. This “light show” is the result of an incredibly precise astronomical and architectural calculations. That the civilization of the Neolithic age possessed this knowledge and for what purpose used, scientists still argue.

The uninitiated their appearance Newgrange is unlikely to hit. It looks like a regular mound height is 13.5 in diameter and 85 meters. Except that one of its sides lined with glittering white stone. Already, upon closer examination, realize that the cap of grass and peat prevents to see the main charm of the buildings – huge boulders at the base. One of them, rugged intricate carvings and stands in front of the entrance. To assess the scope of stroitelstva fully possible only once inside. At the entrance you have to put my head down, not to Bang on the stone peak. It together with the upper arch creates a small window through which penetrates a ray of sunlight at the winter solstice. The ancient builders made sure that all the rest of the interior was in total darkness – daylight does not penetrate here at all. On this narrow corridor with a length of 19 meters is necessary to advance in small steps. It ends with a burial chamber, which is based on upright monoliths. Their weight ranges from 20 to 40 tons. They don’t hide under the embankment of earth, looked like a stone ring of Stonehenge. But Newgrange was built a few centuries before not only British monument, but the pyramids of Egypt.

To see decorations of the Central hall of this structure is possible only with a flashlight. Attention is drawn to three niches covered all kinds of symbolic ornaments. The most interesting is the so – called triskelion, a pattern of three spirals. In it, the authors of numerous studies and see the astronomical map, and a symbol of eternal rebirth, and just a map. In the recess, opposite the entrance, a stone bowl ritual purpose, and on the wall – circles. The hall itself is covered with a dome erected so that the smaller stones laid in a circle, rely on larger boulders. Even after five thousand years of ancient masonry does not miss a single drop of water from above. The ancients were strong not only in astronomy but also in architecture. Why they built such an elaborate tomb? Yes and only if the role dumping played a building? In the description of people who lived during the Neolithic valley of the river Boyne, historians very concise. These were the farmers whose settlements were concentrated around the tombs. The bodies of the dead they burned, but not in the tomb – here, only the remains.

Astrological knowledge wore them for more applied nature – for farmers the issue of the calendar and time of sowing is very important. But hardly simple farmers, even experienced in the cycles of Sun and moon, built the complex with a complex astrological focus. According to one hypothesis the inhabitants of the valley of the river Boyne, who lived here in the third Millennium BC, were ordinary farmers who built the tombs under the guidance of people coming here from outside. It supposedly had some enlightenment of the Neolithic period, which could stay on the emerald Isle, traveling from “point a to point b” and briefly became the intellectual core of the settlement. That in this society there was a specific caste of people is devoted, says the very type of the tomb. To observe how the ray penetrates its center, could not more than half a dozen people – the majority remained outside of the structure.

British researcher and fellow of the Royal society of arts Devereaux Sex by acoustic analysis of the structure of the stone failed to prove that “light show” could also be accompanied by a sound. But what was it all for? Director of scientific programs of the John Templeton Foundation Paul Wason based on earlier works of British and American researchers, I am sure that ancient people carried out here. experiments on the expansion of consciousness. “It is not excluded that all this is only part of a complex ritual, during which the participants tried to immerse themselves in another world. It is possible that during the ritual they used drugs,” he explains. Probably, the mysterious spiral of the characters were nothing more than hypnotic circles that allowed the priests to enter into a trance. In favor of this theory is another discovery in the area of ancient monuments unearthed a human skull with a neatly drilled hole in it. Scientists were able to prove that the hole was made during the life of the person. Researchers believe that craniotomy could be an additional attempt to affect the brain and human consciousness.

How far he could go to the priests in their experiments is unknown. But when on the territory of the present County Meath came the Celts, Newgrange looked like a mound. About the mysterious tombs of the valley only learned people of the early middle Ages. And from the sources it is clear that these mounds were wary, because they believed that their mysterious builders continue to live under the ground. Most likely educators, when they just went on, and the remaining in the Boyne valley people are unable to use this knowledge. Centuries after the construction of Newgrange ancient intellectuals resurfaced in the UK, erected the famous Stonehenge, the repeating structure of Irish structure. But that’s another story.

Newgrange – Moscow

Nina witnesses testified, candidate of historical Sciences, lecturer of old Irish language and Irish history, historical faculty, Moscow state University:

– First of all, Newgrange is a tomb. This is evidenced by bones found there about six people. A beam of light could symbolize the return of the buried to life. At least that is the most common explanation. Perhaps the tomb also served as a place of initiation or inauguration or any of the seasonal sacrifices.

Andrey Sklyarov, Director of the science development Foundation “Third Millennium”:

– There is nothing complicated about to erect a building with the movement of the Sun. And it is unlikely this was done with some super-goal. Maybe does for effect. In my opinion, all the hypotheses about the importance of paleoaltimetry too shaky.

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