Toruń-gingerbread capital of Poland
Torun since 1997 included in the World heritage list of UNESCO. The city has many monuments of the middle ages and the 20th century. The city is known for its…

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The Gothic Quarter Of Barcelona
Barcelona and tourism – two things that cannot exist without each other. This city is so unique that they can come back again and again. And, of course, no one…

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Vladimirskaya Church
The Church of the Vladimir icon of the Mother of God (Nativity of Christ) in Bykovo estate was built in 1789 By one, the most common and authoritative version, the…

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The most ugly building in the world

While the list is topped by the most ugly buildings in the U.S., for example, special attention was paid to building in Portland, Oregon . where is the city Bureau of water supply.

This 15-storey colorful post-modern building with small Windows – “one of the most hated in America” – not only included in the list, but also described in the annotation to it as an example of architectural ugliness, as its architecture is poorly mixed several styles, adorned his inappropriate deocrative elements and painted in depressing colors. The interior is not inferior in disgrace facade: “he’s dark and claustrophobic”.

Architect Michael graves, who won the tender for the construction of this building in 1982 not to blame for the ugliness of the building in Portland, it’s all influence postmodernistic trends of the 80-ies, all buildings constructed at that time do not look very good and aesthetically pleasing.

In addition, the list includes the Library of Harold Washington in Chicago, “named after the beloved people of the former mayor, who deserves more”, the Central office of the Longaberger company in Newark, Ohio, built in the form of a giant wooden basket – the main product of the Corporation, and the original complex of the concert hall and the science fiction Museum in Seattle.

In addition to “possessions” of the United States,in the list of the ugliest buildings represented South Korea, UK, Peru, China, Netherlands, Taiwan, France and Belarus (the National library in Minsk).

Of course the rating is debatable, because once the pyramid near the Louvre Museum in Paris was called a scar on the face of Paris, and then the architects agreed that the pyramid is gorgeous. So maybe with time and buildings the following list, will find its admirers.

The Ryugyong hotel in Pyongyang, North Korea

Unusual hotel in the form of a pyramid with a height of 330 meters, looks scary. In all likelihood, North Korea sought to circumvent advances in construction of South Korea. Hotel with 3,000 rooms shows vysokomerie dictatorial government.

The center of the secret services in London

Unusual building built in 1995, apparently in order James bond could easily hide it. Too there are a lot of tiers, so building even resembles a wedding cake.

Library Harold Washington in Chicago

The neoclassical building the library looks too cumbersome, with its creation were used nesochetaemoe materials: red brick, granite and aluminum.

The obelisk in Puerto Maldonado, Peru

In principle, in Peru, something had to supply, so that tourists could from the top to see the surrounding ruins, but certainly not this heavy, tasteless Obelisk with a curved base, futuristic middle, and medieval tip.

First build in the shape of a mushroom looks very cumbersome, and secondly, no normal opportunity to see the sights from the observation deck, because the Obelisk is too low for this.

The Central office of the Longaberger company in Newark, Ohio

The idea is simple: the company is a provider of baskets and hand-building – an exact copy of your favorite basket company founder Dave Longaberger, but still not very envy the employees who have to work in the 9,000-ton copy of a basket of steel covered with plaster.

The Fang Yuan building in Shenyang, China

This 25-storey building, built in 2001, is a strange mix of architectural ideas: the incarnation of ancient Chinese coins and the design of corporate buildings. Thus, the renowned Taiwanese architect C. Y. Lee, who designed Taipei 101 (the tallest building in the world until last year), wanted to bring together East and West. In creating practical urban design is intertwined with ancient Chinese coin.

Home Bolwoningen in Hertogenbosh, the Netherlands

The reason in creating such an unusual and ugly at the same time houses that the Dutch government in the 1970s, provided subsidies for the construction of experimental buildings, and the architect Dries Kreijkamp coped with the task by creating the 50 houses areas with Windows UFO.

Despite the strange views of homes, they continue to live people.

The building of the National library in Minsk, Belarus

Architects Mikhail Vinogradov and Victor Kramarenko were scheduled to build a prominent building, to attract more tourists to Minsk. It seems the architects have succeeded – to the building of the library constantly attention from all over the world, because it is difficult to find anything worse than a 23-story rhombododecaedron (8 triangles and cadrat), made of glass panels that glow at night. The designers had to stop at this, but they went on, setting on top of a “diamond” of irregular shape.

In General, the building differently as an architectural monster will not name.

“The UFO house” in Sanjhih, Taiwan

Those that can stop the tourists, are very similar to UFO. In the 1970s, the businessman wanted to build a hotel complex, which resembles the Martian base. But the house was not comfortable, to the same project twice threw incomplete, and now the Government of Taiwan is planning to obliterate these architectural blunders, so if you want to see with their own eyes, hurry!

The Gothic Quarter Of Barcelona
Barcelona and tourism – two things that cannot exist without each other. This city is so unique that they can come back again and again. And, of course, no one…


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