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Mysterious Kyiv: where better not to go

Have you ever, walking the streets of Kiev, to feel sudden loss of strength or, on the contrary, an extraordinary burst of energy? Or maybe you were witness to poltergeist and still afraid to talk about it? Actually, nothing surprising in this. In any case, you fall into the geopathic zone, and they affect everyone differently. “Observer” learned more about the main sites of Kiev, which can both help and harm you.

What is geopathic zones

Peter kirilchuk, bioenergy, participant of “Battle of psychics” season 6, says that geopathic zones, it is, in other words – places of power, which can carry both positive and negative effect. As a rule, such areas are tiled, compensating each other. From negative space you can draw energy, with the help of which you can do the poor – to the extent that sow discord. Positive the place to draw energy, which can create, to heal, to help, in other words — “to do good”.

“These areas alter space and time. Once in this area, the people, the question “what’s your name?” may not even to answer to this question, because memory is retarded,” says the bio.

By the way, people who have been in this zone and nothing is felt, may feel discomfort after some time.

Bald mountain

According to official data, in Kiev there are four Bald mountains, and according to popular rumor – thirteen.

“We must clearly understand that it’s not a bad place. Just there are people with different energy, and that one is good, another can be bad,” says the writer and the head of the Kiev club of witches Lada Luzina.

Kiev began with Starokievskaya mountain, where once stood the castle of Prince Kyi, and now the Museum of history of Ukraine with the inscription “Otkuda gatherings is the Russian land”. This mountain is divided in half. The part which is located closer to the tithe Church – the place with negative energy, but the opposite is considered to be a favourable place for making any decisions.

“That is, if you can’t come to any decision, you should go there, to walk, to think about it and the right solution will soon come.” says the author of “Kiev witches”.

Chimeras can be charged with positive energy. Experts believe that through this place runs the energy tunnel between the earth and the Cosmos.

Writer Lada Luzina told “Kiyan. Observer” about the interesting phenomenon of Castle hill. This place is located between Starokievskaya mountain, Shchekavytsya and tract of Gonchary-kozhemyaki on one side and the Kyiv Podil. Castle hill is absolutely not tolerate any dictatorship, it “resets” all structure and no matter what still tends to “stay bald”.

“The first name of the Castle bald mountain “Chiavica”. It lived the first settlers of Kiev. Over time they built the castle Governor, the Church, but this mountain has cast off all”. says Luzina.

One of the most mysterious places in Kiev – Bald mountain, which is located in the South-West of Adria. It can be seen when you exit the subway. They say that this is one of the few places where there are gates to the underworld. Its dark glory Bald received in the times of Kievan Rus, became a haven for priests and witches who have set up their covens.

“Some places in the power of its aura to attract very different personalities.

One of my reader, the young man went on Walpurgis night on Bald mountain near Vidubichi and he was murdered there,” recalls the head of the Kiev club of witches.

Favorable places

A place that has a strong positive energy, is the Hem.

“Andrew’s descent is one of my favorite places, I love to walk there. The triangle – St Andrew’s Church – Vladimirskaya Gorka – St. Michael’s Cathedral is one of the most energetically positive places in Kiev”. – I am sure the bio Petro kirilchuk.

Now, however, Andrew’s descent is temporarily closed for reconstruction. It is impossible to get there – the street is enclosed by a construction fence. Builders paving change and communication, paint facades, and plan to put multi-colored lights.

To receive a positive charge, having come to the Botanical garden. There is a place, where he once saw the image of the Mother of God. Finding it is not difficult on this small area put a sign in the shape of a cross.

In the list of places with good energy comes in and the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra. According to Lada the Claesson – this is the place where, looking at the sky, you can see God.

Places with negative energy

“The legend of the swamp goat”

At the end of XVIII — early XIX century on the site of the square was a wasteland to a swamp, which is popularly called the “Goat”. Twenty years ago collapsed the post office, then under the debris killed 11 people.

“Places with dried swamps always have a negative energy. Perhaps when they built a post office, the workers lost care, as long as you’ve been in a pathogenic zone. The negative energy this place can give to know about yourself in a few years. This could be one of the causes of collapse,” says the bio Petro kirilchuk.

Teresinski poltergeist

Moscow bridge is a place the drivers called “the damned”. There is often happen tube, there is a very strange accident. For security of the Moscow bridge, I did everything: installed the necessary road signs, held a briefing on road safety and even sanctified it with Holy water, but that the number of accidents did not become less.

“This area is locks. For a second, two – man off, which can lead to bad consequences, especially on the road. People in this situation can see what, in fact, not. In this case, riding driving men lose control of themselves”. – says a participant of “Battle of psychics” Peter kirilchuk.

Also the bio recounts one story connected with the Moscow bridge:

“The man rode behind the wheel. Suddenly he jumps out to meet the great white dog runs across the road. He knocks her car, stops to look – beaten dog and there is no damage on the car too.”

People who have been in these situations – I try nobody to tell or share these stories with a very narrow circle of people.

In Kiev zones of negative energy are closely intertwined with positive places, like a “chess Board”, so if you know that there are some abnormal place, try not to go there, even out of curiosity. By the way, it is important to remember that all the old churches of Kiev – is a place of positive force, so far as possible, try to look at them.

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