Megalithic structures
Megaliths (from the Greek. μέγας - Large, λίθος - Stone) - prehistoric structures of large stone blocks, joined without cement or mortar. In the limiting case that one module (…

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The famous buildings of the world
"The famous buildings of the world" - Home "free-spirited". Parthenon. Home-cactus. Parliament. Iconic structures. Architecture. Kijk-Kubus. Royal pavilion. The Hagia Sophia. Sagrada Familia. The Farnsworth House. Property-state building. Notre Dame…

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The Houses Of Parliament (London, UK)
In the Palace of Westminster, one of the most famous buildings in the world, houses the British Parliament: the house of lords and house of Commons. The first Palace was…

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Three biggest mosque in the world


It is also known as Haram Beit Ullah (translated as “the Sacred house of Allah” or “the Forbidden house of Allah”). It is situated in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. This mosque is not only the biggest in size and capacity, but also the most important in the lives of followers of Islam.

She is one of the most important Muslim shrines in the courtyard is the heart of the Islamic world – the Kaaba. It is the courtyard of the Holy Haram want lifetime the hearts of believers. Turning to her side, they read namaz five times a day. And everyone has had a chance, to make a pilgrimage to the Kaaba.

Over the centuries the building was regularly rebuilt and reconstructed. The increase in the number of pilgrims constantly demanded more capacity. The last time a major construction on its territory in the 1980s, there was then added two minarets and one building of impressive dimensions.

The number of minarets in the complex of al-Haram grew in proportion to the mosque, and at the moment nine of them; they reach a height of ninety five feet. The size of the entire structure right now is 309 thousand square meters. There are four main entrances with gates and 44 secondary. Just imagine the building having 48 inputs, in which rivers flow of the faithful people who contribute to the prayer to 700 thousand people.

Those who don’t have enough space on three floors in prayer,pray on the roof of the building, has long been adapted for these purposes and marble slabs. In the basement there are also chapels that open on the days of greatest influx of visitors. The building is equipped with air conditioning, escalators, modern cameras. The complex has its own TV and radio studios.

To illuminate it, there are two powerful power plants. Looking at how dense flow under the sounds of the adhan, Muslims are in the yard of al-Masjid al-Haram, instinctively recall the word of God, by His Prophet (pbuh) in the Holy Quran: “When will come the help of Allah comes and the victory, and when you see that people in crowds will take the faith of Allah, praise your Lord and seek His forgiveness for He is oft – forgiving” (Surah “An-Nasr”, № 1-3).

The Prophet’s Mosque (Masjid Nabawi)

This mosque is the second largest in the world, and it is located as the biggest mosque in Saudi Arabia, not only in Mecca but in Medina. The second largest, it is also the second holiest site in Islam. The mosque on this place was during the life of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), and subsequently he and Abu Bakr and Umar (the rightly guided caliphs) (and Yes Allah be pleased with them) were buried here. The grave of the Prophet (pbuh) under the green dome. It is believed that he participated in the construction of the mosque. Here is a Favorite of all who lived on earth for Muslims people read his sermons. Here Islam was going through its first stages of development.

Built in the first year of Hijra, the mosque was rebuilt many times, was expanding, and currently its capacity is 600 thousand people, and the area – 400-500 sq. meters. Meanwhile, it is believed that during Hajj it can accommodate up to a million people. One of its components is the platform height of 30 cm – porch Safa, a place inhabited by the companions who left their homes and migrated to the Prophet (pbuh) until then, until I got housing. It is believed that the number who lived on it Askhabov – from 70 to 100 people.

One of the main decorations of the mosque are columns, each of which has a name and recalls the events about which she could talk if only God had blessed her with the ability to speak. The architecture of the whole ensemble is classic. With this mosque taken over the main architectural features in all the mosques of the world. Before her is a classic rectangular square where the faithful pray, arrange meetings, classes, and litigation.

Shah Faisal (Shah Faisal)

Mosque Shah Faisal is located near Islamabad, Pakistan. Since the construction was financed by Saudi Arabia, the mosque is named in honor of the then king Faisal of Saudi Arabia. they expressed a desire for the building of a large mosque in Islamabad when the city was founded, i.e. in fact, he was the initiator of its construction. Quite a long time the mosque is Shah Faisal took only the sixth place in the list of the largest mosques. However, it was considered the capacity of its adjacent territory, and it is a plus to the 100 thousand that can hold its prayer hall and courtyard, another 200 thousand people, and this brought the mosque on the third place in the list, if you define in the parameters of greatest capacity.

The size of the prayer hall of the mosque is Shah Faisal is 0.48 hectares and the total area is 18,97 hectares. The dome is 40 m. the Minarets lifted to the sky to a height of 88 m. Saudi Arabia construction cost of 130 million Saudi riyals (approximately 120 million). Some sources give her first place in the world, based on the value of a single prayer hall under a dome.

The wish of the king Saud expressed in 1966, in 1969 was a competition of projects. The mosque was started in 1976 and completed in 1985-86. its architecture combines the traditions of Islamic architecture and modernity of lines and approaches. On the one hand, it has everything is a must-have classic of a mosque: the minarets, a prayer hall with murals and mosaics… And yet she’s not like any of them. Mosque Shah Faisal is completely opposite of the Association, captures the viewer and keeps him in amazement and admiration.

At the same time she looks like a nomad’s tent, staying overnight in the lower mountains, beyond which immediately commence the Himalayas, and the traveler decided to rest before a global transition. There are associations with alien spaceship, which had landed in a mountain valley on the planet Earth.

And four minarets around the mosque creating a visual square, will remind the seasoned traveller mosques of Istanbul: this is the only thing that took from the traditions of his people and moved on Pakistani soil, the architect was Turk Vedat Dalokay, on which it is built. All sparkling, mosque Shah Faisal looks extremely unusually. Perhaps the truth will still say that it is like no other.

The materials used in its construction, marble and concrete. Incredible for a Muslim temple number of straight lines and… unusual, incredible beauty Golden chandelier ball. At night it looks even more enchanting, lit with lights and illumination.

While there was construction, non-traditional design of the mosque provoked the displeasure and bickering, but then it subsided, giving place to admiration. The mosque is unusual and gorgeous, and can rightly be called one of the most beautiful mosques in the world. Praying it can be placed not only in the prayer hall, but also on the covered balconies and galleries directly .on the balcony is the women’s room

The construction of the largest mosques emphasizes the growth of “demand” for collective prayers, ancient mosques all face the need to increase their prayer area – how can this not please believers? Moreover, the Muslim architecture gave the world beautiful and the right structure – a mosque full of people and angels. Because where people gather for the sake of Allah, the angels invisibly present there.

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