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Old bridges are best
Recently in the world suddenly "showered" bridges. Capital buildings literally fall down like a house of cards. Though all these emergency happened far away, Willy-nilly, think about it, how is…

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Gothic style
As a result the slow, but unceasing development of medieval social relations and art there was a new style, authentically reflecting the change occurred. The Gothic style, which lasted more…

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Old bridges are best

Recently in the world suddenly “showered” bridges. Capital buildings literally fall down like a house of cards. Though all these emergency happened far away, Willy-nilly, think about it, how is it? Isn’t it time to start getting scared, as soon as the car window or bus appear protective railing of one of the Kharkov bridges?

About this question we turned to the experts of the organization, which is most of the “air” pedestrian and vehicular paths of our city, – KP “Dorremstroy”.

“A sore point” – joints

– In General, the state of Kharkiv bridges satisfactory . – says the chief engineer of KP “Dorremstroy” Dmitry Vlasenko . – Bridge – it is a durable structure that can stand and 70-80, and 100 years. In Kharkov there wasn’t a single bridge, which would need to be dismantled due to poor condition of bearing designs. All these are normal, it is necessary to change only expansion joints and asphalt. And if on the road it can just “grow” on top, then the bridges need to completely remove the old layer to prevent design overhead. As it turned out, according to experts, many bridges built before the war or after the war, is in better condition than new buildings. The cases that the old bridges have been built with slightly different design: they are solid, without joints. According to Dmitry Vlasenko . the main “sore spot” of all modern local bridge expansion joints. Periodically these metal “ties” between the parts of the bridge need to be changed, because over time they begin to leak.

– If the seams leak, it certainly does not mean that the bridge will collapse . – soothes Dmitry Vasilyevich . But change is still necessary, otherwise gradually starts chipping the concrete and rebar inside the bridge rust. In this case, it is necessary to clean, but the place that is leaking, re-plaster .

Such current joints, for example, is very noticeable on the bridge, which continues the descent and Shake. Experts, having examined this structure in 2003, “ordered” a replacement of welds and repairs of the road surface.

Bursatsky bridge overloaded

Survey of bridges in Kharkiv, the experts of the Road of the University. As a rule, “health”, “air roads” check again in ten years. Although as such emergency bridges on balance “Dorremstroy” no, the chief engineer admits that some of the facilities needs a major overhaul.

– One of the oldest bridges in Kharkiv – the Merchant (via the river Lopan on Khalturina descent). It was built in 1909. During the war was destroyed, rebuilt in 1944. it requires replacement of load-bearing structures, – says Dmitry Vlasenko . – The point is not that you can’t ride, but some beam time to replace it. In addition, we believe that the overhaul requires Bursatsky bridge. They will require reconstruction of road and tram works. For many years the bridge has been through many changes tram tracks, each time they rose higher and higher, and the road workers had above all to lay the asphalt. Thus, we overload the bridge: instead of 10 cm of asphalt on it – 20 or 25. All this must be cleaned off, to make new insulation, seal the joints and lower the track, the roadway .

Another bridge, which the third year is strongly recommended overhaul, and Utilities. This is the same building, which “hangs” on Moskovsky prospect.

– Here it is necessary to change all the seams, and a lot of them, because the length of the bridge is almost two kilometers. All necessary project documentation is, in these works need 7 million, but so far the money is not allocated . – said the chief engineer “Dorremstroy”.

Air structures without an owner

Except for those 55 bridges, of which the following municipal enterprise, in Kharkiv there are still at least two categories of “air roads” – structures above the railroad tracks maintained by the southern road, and (very mysterious!) – draw structure.

In the duties of JZ – follow ten bridges in the city. Including the Poltava road (near South station), on the street of the First Cavalry army (near the bus station and the station “Levada”), on Sorting, New Bavaria, Based Balashovka, station “Losevo”. By the way, is owned by JZ which starts the viaduct was recognized as hazardous, although it still drive cars. Not in the best condition and is the oldest such constructions Balashovsky bridge (commissioned in 1946). Although experts and assess his condition as satisfactory, the bridge looks very sad.

Jaarsma the overpass and was not lucky – he simply has no master.

– This bridge, which purely by chance I hit the city limits, and all refuse . – said the chief engineer. – It was built immediately after the war the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Soviet Union that built the road Kharkiv – Simferopol. Like, of course, that he had to be on the balance of the JZ, but was “neutral”. It looks good, but upstairs there are two cracks in the same place under a concrete bridge was destroyed, some Peeps valves. On the issue of the bridge there is a correspondence. The city is difficult to take it on balance, because under the four bridge rail journey. To do some repairs, have to shut down traffic on a segment of the railway, and to resolve this issue with the railroad is not so easy.

As it turned out, without the owner “lives” and favorite the Kharkiv pedestrian suspension bridge near the circus.

– It had a lot of meetings: whether to demolish it and put in the place of another, normal bridge, but so far nothing decided . – said Dmitry Vasilyevich . But he’s not dangerous. Last year it replaced the flooring, and in the winter when it snows, we require the DEP or sprinkle it with sand.


Top 10 oldest bridges of the city

1. Lopinski (at the beginning of Poltavsky Shlyakh) – built in 1883, renovated in 1958

2. Merchant (across the river Lopan from Khalturina Uzviz to the Annunciation Cathedral) – built in 1909, restored in 1944

3. Netechenskaya (across the river Kharkiv in the area of the new circus) – built in 1911, restored in 1944

4. Moiseev (across the river Kharkov near the metro station “Kiev”) – built in 1927, restored in 1948, was reconstructed in 1969

5. Them. Y. Chyhyryn (across the river Kharkiv, near the beginning of Shevchenko street) – built in 1928, restored in 1949

6. Ivanovo (across the river Lopan, on the Ivanovo street (after the bridge on the descent and Shake performs the functions of a pedestrian) was built in 1929 and renovated in 1953

7. Rogatyn (across the river Lopan in Rogatyn lane (near Central market) – built in 1931, restored in 1945

8. Bursatsky bridge (across the river Lopan in the end bursatskiy street) – built in 1933, rebuilt in 1946

9. The bridge on yakira St. (across the river Kamyshla) – built in 1933, renovated in 1970

10. Korsakovskiy overpass (on Moscow Avenue over the railway tracks of Balashovka) – built in 1944.

This writes Komsomolskaya Pravda

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