The great architects

The mysteries of ancient Egypt
Egypt - ancient secrets Aroma engulfs him. Only dynastic period of Ancient Egypt spans more years than the entire history of the modern world. So let's touch the mystery and…

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Georgia. Batumi
Batumi as any city located in a subtropical climate, has a special exotic. It is located on the coast of the Black sea (Pontus Euxine, or the Sea of Hospitality,…

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Prospects of integrated development of underground space
Integrated development of underground space is a natural process of modern urban development. The shortage of land in Metropolitan areas encourages urban planners around the world to find a way…

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The megalithic complex of Newgrange in Ireland

The megalithic complex of Newgrange in Ireland – first place on the planet where they were doing experiments with human consciousness.

The valley of the river Boyne in Ireland’s County Meath is little different from other scenic areas of the country. Bright green meadows, interspersed with hills, a neat stone fence indicating the property lines of farmers. Among the pastoral images are easy to overlook several ancient burial grounds, as if purposely hidden from prying eyes. One of them – Newgrange, megalithic building, erected about five thousand years ago. Once a year, at the winter solstice, inside this stone tomb penetrates a sunbeam on a few minutes highlighting its Central hall. This “light show” is the result of an incredibly precise astronomical and architectural calculations. That the civilization of the Neolithic age possessed this knowledge and for what purpose used, scientists still argue.

The uninitiated their appearance Newgrange is unlikely to hit. It looks like a regular mound height is 13.5 in diameter and 85 meters. Except that one of its sides lined with glittering white stone. Already, upon closer examination, realize that the cap of grass and peat prevents to see the main charm of the buildings – huge boulders at the base. One of them, rugged intricate carvings and stands in front of the entrance. To assess the scope of stroitelstva fully possible only once inside. At the entrance you have to put my head down, not to Bang on the stone peak. It together with the upper arch creates a small window through which penetrates a ray of sunlight at the winter solstice. Continue reading

The most ugly building in the world

While the list is topped by the most ugly buildings in the U.S., for example, special attention was paid to building in Portland, Oregon . where is the city Bureau of water supply.

This 15-storey colorful post-modern building with small Windows – “one of the most hated in America” – not only included in the list, but also described in the annotation to it as an example of architectural ugliness, as its architecture is poorly mixed several styles, adorned his inappropriate deocrative elements and painted in depressing colors. The interior is not inferior in disgrace facade: “he’s dark and claustrophobic”.

Architect Michael graves, who won the tender for the construction of this building in 1982 not to blame for the ugliness of the building in Portland, it’s all influence postmodernistic trends of the 80-ies, all buildings constructed at that time do not look very good and aesthetically pleasing.

In addition, the list includes the Library of Harold Washington in Chicago, “named after the beloved people of the former mayor, who deserves more”, the Central office of the Longaberger company in Newark, Ohio, built in the form of a giant wooden basket – the main product of the Corporation, and the original complex of the concert hall and the science fiction Museum in Seattle. Continue reading

Mysterious Kyiv: where better not to go

Have you ever, walking the streets of Kiev, to feel sudden loss of strength or, on the contrary, an extraordinary burst of energy? Or maybe you were witness to poltergeist and still afraid to talk about it? Actually, nothing surprising in this. In any case, you fall into the geopathic zone, and they affect everyone differently. “Observer” learned more about the main sites of Kiev, which can both help and harm you.

What is geopathic zones

Peter kirilchuk, bioenergy, participant of “Battle of psychics” season 6, says that geopathic zones, it is, in other words – places of power, which can carry both positive and negative effect. As a rule, such areas are tiled, compensating each other. From negative space you can draw energy, with the help of which you can do the poor – to the extent that sow discord. Positive the place to draw energy, which can create, to heal, to help, in other words — “to do good”.

“These areas alter space and time. Once in this area, the people, the question “what’s your name?” may not even to answer to this question, because memory is retarded,” says the bio.

By the way, people who have been in this zone and nothing is felt, may feel discomfort after some time. Continue reading

The Gothic structure

Interest in the Gothic woke up at the turn of the 17th and 18th centuries not only in England but also on the other end of Europe – Czech Republic. And if the pioneer of the “Gothic revival” in the Albion (sort of Giotto, Cimabue, or even) is considered to be the Wren, the Czech “Gothic Baroque” gave birth also mainly one person – Jan Błażej Santini (1677-1723)

At Santini was of Italian roots – his grandfather was a bricklayer and came to Bohemia in the mid-17th century. Father was a bricklayer, and Yan (or Giovanni) IHL was born in Prague and died there.

The surname Santini he and his brother Frank took while in Italy in 1696-99. There the young man came under the influence of the writings of Borromini. Russian Wikipedia says the impact of the Guarini, but his creation Santini, it seems, could only see in the pictures. Continue reading

Three biggest mosque in the world


It is also known as Haram Beit Ullah (translated as “the Sacred house of Allah” or “the Forbidden house of Allah”). It is situated in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. This mosque is not only the biggest in size and capacity, but also the most important in the lives of followers of Islam.

She is one of the most important Muslim shrines in the courtyard is the heart of the Islamic world – the Kaaba. It is the courtyard of the Holy Haram want lifetime the hearts of believers. Turning to her side, they read namaz five times a day. And everyone has had a chance, to make a pilgrimage to the Kaaba.

Over the centuries the building was regularly rebuilt and reconstructed. The increase in the number of pilgrims constantly demanded more capacity. The last time a major construction on its territory in the 1980s, there was then added two minarets and one building of impressive dimensions. Continue reading

Megalithic structures
Megaliths (from the Greek. μέγας - Large, λίθος - Stone) - prehistoric structures of large stone blocks, joined without cement or mortar. In the limiting case that one module (…


Milan Cathedral
Milan Cathedral (Italian. Duomo di Milano ) is the Cathedral in Milan, located in the historic centre of the city. Built in the flamboyant Gothic style of white marble. The…