The great architects

Old bridges are best
Recently in the world suddenly "showered" bridges. Capital buildings literally fall down like a house of cards. Though all these emergency happened far away, Willy-nilly, think about it, how is…

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In the Tver region found giant prehistoric complex
Not far from the Moscow expedition of the newspaper "Caravan+I" found a huge prehistoric complex of forty-four buildings, the antiquity of which dates back to antediluvian Hyperborea. Found a complex…

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Milan Cathedral
Milan Cathedral (Italian. Duomo di Milano ) is the Cathedral in Milan, located in the historic centre of the city. Built in the flamboyant Gothic style of white marble. The…

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The Houses Of Parliament (London, UK)

In the Palace of Westminster, one of the most famous buildings in the world, houses the British Parliament: the house of lords and house of Commons. The first Palace was built for king Edward – Confessor, came to the throne in 1042. Forty-five years later to William Rufus, son of William – Confessor built Westminster hall – the most elegant room in Europe, where in 1099 was a feast. In the 13th century Henry the 3rd was attached to the painted chamber, and during his reign was convened in the first Parliament (from the French verb “parler” – to speak).

Most closed legislative chambers in the world – the houses of Parliament in Westminster in London is open to visitors only a few weeks a year. This season enjoy the informative semideterminate the tour until October 5. She runs daily not only in English but also in French, German, Italian and Spanish. Also in the oldest part of the historical building of Westminster hall until November 8 you can see an exhibition dedicated to the historic “gunpowder plot” of 1605. 400 years ago an unsuccessful attempt of the conspirators led by guy Fawkes to blow up king and Parliament.In addition to the house of lords and House of Commons have the opportunity to visit the Queen’s chamber, Royal gallery, St Stephen’s hall and in many other places with ornate Victoriano-gotteskrieger, paintings and frescoes, depicting kings, Queens and great moments in British history. At the end of the tour you can see the exhibition, buy Souvenirs, and to go to cafe Jubilee (Jubilee Cafe).House of Parliament, known as the Palace of Westminster. This name exists since XI century, was built by king Kanuta. Continue reading

The mysteries of ancient Egypt

Egypt – ancient secrets Aroma engulfs him. Only dynastic period of Ancient Egypt spans more years than the entire history of the modern world. So let’s touch the mystery and the mysteries of Ancient Egypt, try to get to know this country.

What on Mars is life, at least in the most primitive forms, has been proved. But Gaby Brennen, author of “the Martian Genesis”, went much further. He believes that the early Martians and ancient Egyptians once crossed. And it does not need space ships. The contact took place with the help of pyramids. These mysterious structures are not without reason called today an increased interest for a long time. Moreover, in their proportions enclosed almost all of current mathematics. Inside the pyramids there is a place where fruit and vegetables can be stored, not ports arbitrarily long time, and the blades of razors sharpened by themselves, Gaby Brennan found the pyramids another remarkable physical property: they can generate static electricity and periodically dump it from the top to the atmosphere – the mysterious glow in the wee hours. Therefore, people who find themselves inside of cyclopean structures, can in certain circumstances be felt, as their soul leaves the body and goes on an independent journey In one of such trips, according to Brennan, the ancient Egyptians inspired draunimasi the idea of building the Sphinx, an exact copy of earth. Continue reading

Toruń-gingerbread capital of Poland

Torun since 1997 included in the World heritage list of UNESCO. The city has many monuments of the middle ages and the 20th century. The city is known for its almost intact medieval layout and is built of brick many Gothic buildings, including monumental churches, the town hall and burgher houses.

1.Medieval town of toruń lies on both sides of the Vistula river, reflecting the beauty of its Gothic buildings in its waters. On this earth the poles lived since time immemorial.

2. Its origin the city owes the knights of the Teutonic order, which, as a kind of base to capture Prussia, in the THIRTEENTH century built a castle here

3. To our days reached from the castle the picturesque ruins of ancient fortifications.

4.Torun, unlike many other historic cities in Poland, avoided significant destruction during World War II. Old Town remained intact, so all the architecture is original, not restored after the destruction. Continue reading

Gothic style

As a result the slow, but unceasing development of medieval social relations and art there was a new style, authentically reflecting the change occurred. The Gothic style, which lasted more than 300 years, was born in France in Ile de France in the North and lasted from 1200 1525 years. The name of the style caught the derisive nickname in the Renaissance, who wanted to emphasize his wildness and barbarism. Simultaneously with France, the Gothic style appeared in Belgium and in Switzerland, in Germany this style was developed only in the thirteenth century and reached its full flowering in the XIV—XV centuries.

The flourishing of cities in the feudal middle ages is closely linked with the development of trade and crafts. The ruling class in the cities were the landowners, the noble circle of suzerain and rich merchants. The largest segment of the population form the Guild craftsmen and petty traders.

The change of style is reflected in architectural forms. Bulky, grim, fortress like Romanesque churches give way to the vibrant, colorful, infinitely diverse structures of the Gothic. The walls become lighter; typical form elements are tall towers, slim columns, the complex shape of the arches, delicate ornaments, window rose and Lancet arches. Continue reading

The most beautiful Gothic cathedrals in France

Gothic architecture replaced the Romanesque and developed on the basis of Burgundy. There is evidence that in the early XII century the master of the Abbey of Saint-Denis near Paris under the leadership of the Abbot of Suger began developing a new design is typically Gothic pointed arches. It was the Church of the monastery of Saint-Denis, a project that has created the Abbot Suger, considered to be the first Gothic architectural structure. In its construction were removed many of the supports and interior walls – so the Church was transformed and became more graceful look compared to Romanesque churches, sometimes called “fortresses of God”.

With varying degrees of success, it has spread throughout Europe. In the XIII century, under the influence of the Gothic were Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Spain and England. Later she came to Italy, where it is not so widely spread, but were still able to adapt, becoming “Italian Gothic” after a major transformation. At the end of the fourteenth century Europe had seized the so-called international Gothic style, crowned by a late or “flamboyant” Gothic style. In Eastern Europe it entered later and stayed there a little longer — until the XVI century. Continue reading

The Gothic quarter in Barcelona
The Gothic quarter of Barcelona . located in the historical and geographical center of the capital of the Autonomous region of Catalonia, in plan is a rectangle with sides approximately…


The great architects
The great 20th century architect Le Corbusier believed that architecture is "the art of constructing". Many peoples and cultures contributed to the history of architecture. The pioneers were the Greeks,…