The great architects

The Petersburg defenses during the great Patriotic
After unsuccessful attempts of German troops to take the city by storm in the autumn of 1941. the front line was stabilized along the line of Uritsk - Pulkovo heights…

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The Houses Of Parliament (London, UK)
In the Palace of Westminster, one of the most famous buildings in the world, houses the British Parliament: the house of lords and house of Commons. The first Palace was…

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The most mysterious places on the planet
Each country has its own mysterious places of legend. People come from distant lands to see these places and try to solve their mystery. The human psyche is arranged so…

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The Petersburg defenses during the great Patriotic

After unsuccessful attempts of German troops to take the city by storm in the autumn of 1941. the front line was stabilized along the line of Uritsk – Pulkovo heights – Kolpino – Bank of the Neva river (at Ust – Izhora), and further, on the left Bank of the river. As so often in our history, this front line was based on the unique capabilities of the Russian soldier, and if contained, it is practically the only field firing facilities. Not having prepared lines of defence, the city was left almost defenseless in the event of a possible breakout to the established front line, another thing that sufficient forces for this, the exhausted Germans were gone.

The construction of fortifications began in July 1941. line: Gulf of Finland – village No. 3 – station Predportovaya – Circular railway – Fishing – Utkina Zavod – Sosnovka station Rzhevskaya – New Village – the Old Village – the Gulf of Finland.

During the period 1941-1944. by the engineering units of the Leningrad front and the inhabitants of the city were built two lines of defense. The inner defensive line along the banks of the bypass channel, and the external – on the then outskirts of the city, between the banks of the Gulf of Finland and Neva river. In the southern and South-Western sectors linealbany this took place on the territory of the five modern regions of the city: Kirovsky, Leninsky, Moskovsky, Frunzensky and Nevsky. Continue reading

Mysterious structures found in Chinese desert

Experts have discovered on satellite maps Google Earth the mysterious building located in the Chinese desert. Experts are scratching their heads trying to figure out their purpose. Meanwhile some believe that the mysterious structures are the secret military facility.

Strange complex, situated in the West of China near the city of Kashgar, was discovered by Allen Thomson, a former CIA officer who managed to find earlier on Google maps rocket center, located in Iran. The huge complex consists of several large buildings including a large building shaped like a horseshoe. The length of some buildings is more than 160 meters.

Sam Allen Thomson to explain the purpose of the complex could not. “I have no idea what it could be, but it’s a big and rather ridiculous design, and was likely constructed in haste,” commented the expert.

Opening Thomson somehow coincided with the recent speculation about the decision of China to start anti-satellite system. And this gave a more sensational discovery in the desert, reports Live Science. In addition, the portal Space earlier it was reported about the construction of a giant antenna near Kashgar, which is part of the giant complex. employee to explore the solar system. Continue reading

The Gothic quarter in Barcelona

The Gothic quarter of Barcelona . located in the historical and geographical center of the capital of the Autonomous region of Catalonia, in plan is a rectangle with sides approximately 1.2 0.5 km From the East his limits Laetana street, from the South-West of the Ramblas, towards the North-West boundary adjoins an area of Catalonia, the South-Eastern coast is washed by the Mediterranean sea. Here is concentrated the political, cultural, and tourist life in Barcelona: in St. James, seat of the city government and the provincial churches, restaurants and open air musicians, singers and dancers. Thousands of tourists are dissolved in the narrow streets of the medieval quarter, visit the museums, stay for a long time in stores and have a rest after a successful shopping spree in a cafe.

How built up the quarter

Not all objects of the Gothic quarter appeared here in the Middle ages, in the heyday of the Union of the States of the Aragonese crown, an important part of which was the Principality of Catalonia. Continue reading

Prospects of integrated development of underground space

Integrated development of underground space is a natural process of modern urban development. The shortage of land in Metropolitan areas encourages urban planners around the world to find a way for the development of territories. The reorganization of the depressed areas – industrial and obsolete housing blocks – the most obvious in this sense the decision. Not less associated with high-rise, as well as underground construction.

Global urban studies the potential uses of the underground spaces with great success. In Russia, an avid fan of such ideas, for example, was the former mayor of Moscow Yuri Luzhkov. However, the new Metropolitan government, as you know, chose a different strategy of development of the city based on the accession of new lands.

We go for examples

The share of underground facilities in the developed countries reaches a quarter of the total area of commissioned facilities. The unequivocal leader in this indicator is Canada, the cities which have a huge dungeon mastered, employed as infrastructure facilities and various public areas. For example, in Montreal created a total of around 12 million square meters of underground facilities in Toronto – at least 6 million sq. m. European metropolises – Helsinki, Munich, Paris and others also have their own underground extrapolation. Continue reading

Megalithic structures

Megaliths (from the Greek. μέγας – Large, λίθος – Stone) – prehistoric structures of large stone blocks, joined without cement or mortar. In the limiting case that one module ( the menhir ).

1. General information

The term “megalith” was proposed in 1849 by the English Explorer A. H. in the book Cyclops Christianus”, and in 1867 formally adopted at the Congress in Paris [1].

The term is not exhaustive, so the definition of megaliths and megalithic structures are subject to the rather vague group of buildings. In particular, megatama called the hewn stones of large dimensions [2] [3] [4]. including and is not used for the construction of tombs and monuments [5]. [6].

A separate group are megalithic structures, that is, the objects largely consist of megaliths. They are distributed worldwide. In Europe, for example, is the Stonehenge. facilities of Cretan-Mycenaean culture, or Egypt. In South America – Machu Picchu. Puma Points. Ollantaitambo. Hacks. Sacsayhuaman. Of Tiwanaku. Continue reading

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