Georgia. Batumi
Batumi as any city located in a subtropical climate, has a special exotic. It is located on the coast of the Black sea (Pontus Euxine, or the Sea of Hospitality,…

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The water delivery. Types of water intake facilities
Water delivery of a set of measures to provide water to the population, industrial enterprises, transport and other consumers. The choice of type of water intake facilities and their position…

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The most ugly building in the world
While the list is topped by the most ugly buildings in the U.S., for example, special attention was paid to building in Portland, Oregon . where is the city Bureau…

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The megalithic complex of Newgrange in Ireland

The megalithic complex of Newgrange in Ireland – first place on the planet where they were doing experiments with human consciousness.

The valley of the river Boyne in Ireland’s County Meath is little different from other scenic areas of the country. Bright green meadows, interspersed with hills, a neat stone fence indicating the property lines of farmers. Among the pastoral images are easy to overlook several ancient burial grounds, as if purposely hidden from prying eyes. One of them – Newgrange, megalithic building, erected about five thousand years ago. Once a year, at the winter solstice, inside this stone tomb penetrates a sunbeam on a few minutes highlighting its Central hall. This “light show” is the result of an incredibly precise astronomical and architectural calculations. That the civilization of the Neolithic age possessed this knowledge and for what purpose used, scientists still argue.

The uninitiated their appearance Newgrange is unlikely to hit. It looks like a regular mound height is 13.5 in diameter and 85 meters. Except that one of its sides lined with glittering white stone. Already, upon closer examination, realize that the cap of grass and peat prevents to see the main charm of the buildings – huge boulders at the base. One of them, rugged intricate carvings and stands in front of the entrance. To assess the scope of stroitelstva fully possible only once inside. At the entrance you have to put my head down, not to Bang on the stone peak. It together with the upper arch creates a small window through which penetrates a ray of sunlight at the winter solstice. Continue reading

Baalbek – abandoned spaceport ancient or unfinished?

According to researchers, the history of Baalbek can be traced back to the construction of the temple of Baal (Baal) is an ancient Phoenician deity. His name is still in the name of Baalbek. After the destruction of the temple by the earthquake he was restored by the Egyptians as a temple of the Sun, and with the advent of the Greeks got Baalbek ancient name Heliopolis – city of the Sun.

In the era of the Roman Empire, the Sun temple was rebuilt in the temple of Jupiter, near to which were built the temples of Bacchus and Venus. During the Byzantine Empire, the pagan temples were transformed into Christian, then came the era of Arab minarets, then came the crusaders, the Turks and the Mongols. Ancient temples were plundered, rebuilt, dismantled for use as building material and many times suffered from strong earthquakes.

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Secret methods of stone treatment ancient times revealed
Many have heard about the huge blocks of which are composed of an Egyptian pyramid, a smaller number know about the giant blocks were laid in the Foundation of the…


Gothic in England: the Church
The first major building to use to cover the main space was applied ribbed arch was the Romanesque Cathedral in Darema (1093-1140 years). During the penetration of the Gothic style…